Beginners Photography - Use Simple Habits For Better Photographs!

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Moving from an average photographer to a good one does not require a quantum leap. To many beginners, photography starts out as a casual hobby, where bad habits can be formed. These can be difficult to change later. But some simple to follow tips can quickly push you along the road to better photography. So, within a short time, you can easily go from average, to good...and on to great. Let's look at three of these easy to apply ideas.

This first point sounds obvious, I realise, but always take your camera out with you! When I began to take photography seriously, I realised I had missed too many opportunities, simply by not having my camera to hand. One time, my wife and I were taking a stroll back from a shopping expedition through a local park. Quite by chance, she spotted a kingfisher hovering above a riverside plant, with its wings a blur of motion. "Pity you haven't got your camera with you" she helpfully exclaimed! From that day forward I vowed never to get caught out again. Nowadays, I may look like some sort of camera geek - or even a tourist - but I don't care.

Take lots of pictures. To some beginners, photography means getting every picture right, as in film photography days. Whilst this is a good discipline to try to adhere to, you should not fear experimentation also. So, get out there and go crazy. On a day out, at the zoo for example, don't come back with 50 photos - take 500! Don't expect every picture to be a masterpiece, though. When downloaded to your PC, patiently sift through the ones that are good, and delete (or file) the ones that are not up to scratch. These remaining photos are the ones you can show off.

Don't take shortcuts when it comes to print paper or ink quality. If you have gone to the trouble of taking numerous photographs, and diligently worked your way through them to select only the best images, it's a shame to print them low quality. If you choose to print photos at home, make sure you use proper photographic paper. The same photo that looks lifeless, blurry or dark on copy paper can look dramatic, sharp and bright on glossy photographic paper. Similarly, steer clear of using cheap third party inks. Your printer's manufactured inks will provide optimum quality.

Apply these obvious, but easy to forget, ideas and your photographs will quickly begin to improve - both in quality and in the range of photos you produce. Please refer to my previous Beginners Photography articles for details on using Automatic or Manual modes on your camera when taking your photos.


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