Beginner's Guide To Collecting Art

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Art is the outward expression of a feeling, idea or point of view that an artist has. Most art of this nature are very personal items to their creators. Throughout history there has been artist and those who appreciated their medium. Somehow we have come to equate art with refinement and culture. It can also be quite a financial investment as well.

In the beginning you need not concern yourself with knowing about the different periods such as baroque, constructivism, abstract or impressionism. These are lessons will come as you learn your hobby. The very first thing about collecting art is to have a clear vision of why you are doing it. Since there isn't a specific guideline to what you should collect you are free to explore the art world to find your own particular love.

Having an art collection is not something only the wealthy can achieve. Sure, there is no way around the fact that collecting is going to cost some. Buying art from local venues and artist can get you some very nice pieces for small amounts of money. The term "starving artist" is as true today as it was back when the greats were selling watercolors to have a decent meal. You can get artwork by artists that are on the rise. There are plenty of stories about buying paintings from students and struggling young artist only to have them blow up years later. Once famous the early stuff they did becomes very valuable.

Set a reasonable budget for your forays and stay with it. Do not get caught up in your hobby to the exclusion of common sense. If the artwork is more than you can afford do not go into debt trying to get it. Finding places to buy reasonably priced art is not very hard. Any metropolitan area will have a least one or two art galleries and you can also attend the showings at the local colleges and universities.

The main points you should take away from this article is:

1. You can afford to have an art collection

2. Good art is not that hard to find

3. Art is about a feeling not just a dollar sign 4. Have fun, do not get in too deep that you stop having fun

Buy what you love and love what you buy. Never buy to please others and always keep your eye open for the next incredible find.


Pat Lindle is an avid collector of angel figurines. In addition to sculpture, Pat enjoys crafting and collecting vintage glass vases in his spare time.

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