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One has to get good nights sleep before one faces the wild world outside the next day. Getting good nights sleep makes your day so much better and fruitful. But did you know that sleep is also important for your health?

People who have chronic sleep loss are also at a higher risk of being obese or having heart disease. If you don't get enough sleep at night, you might rely on caffeine to keep you awake through the day. Enjoying a cup or two of coffee in the morning is fine, but if you're drinking a whole pot of coffee, especially in the afternoon it is time to cut back. Too much caffeine makes you jittery and if you consume it later in the day, the caffeine makes it more difficult to sleep at nigh. It can become a vicious circle. You can use caffeine to perk up, but then you can't sleep, so the next day you use more caffeine and lose sleep again at nigh. And so it goes. Quitting the caffeine habit isn't easy. Many people suffer from withdrawal symptoms such as headache, drowsiness, flu like feelings, irritability and lack of concentration when they give up caffeine. You can avoid these symptoms by gradually withdrawing. Try blending decaffeinated coffee with regular coffee and increase the amount of decaffeinated coffee over a few weeks time

The link between your diet and good sleep doesn't end there. There are several other ways to choose food to sleep better.

Avoid spicy or heavy food. Or any food you know may cause heartburn, making it difficult for you to sleep at nigh.

Don't drink too much alcohol. Although alcohol may make you drowsy, over consumption of hard drinks may cause a restless and uncomfortable nigh.

Eat cherries. Not only are they rich in vitamins, cherries contain melatonin, a substance found in the human body that helps regulate sleep. Eating fresh or dried cherries before you go to bed at nigh may help you sleep better

Enjoy a light bedtime snack. Choose carbohydrates and diary products, like a small bowl of whole grain cereal and non-fat milk. Carbohydrates make it easier to fall asleep.

Avoid eating excessive fats. People who eat large amounts of fat make also have more difficulty sleeping. Be sure to get enough omega 3 fatty acids each day

Just to conclude people who don't get enough sleep tend to overeat by adding extra sugary and carbohydrates rich snacks to their diets. All the extra calories from the snacking can lead to obesity, so not only do the foods you eat affect your sleep, but the amount of sleep you get also affects the foods you choose to eat.

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