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Do you have experience about how to learn the skateboard, I am sure If you are have a experience about how to learn skateboarding, because skateboard is sport which having fun and challenge to us do something look like balance of body and do tricks, there is many can do with skateboarding look like flip tricks ,grinds, grabs, and tons of other things . usually when we are do skateboard we are more be healthy and this sport is good way to keep our body and look like I said before, skateboard learn to us how to have better balance of body, if you are still new skater why not learn to more about skateboard because be side as sport this can be our hobby and usually something do with happy can make us be having fun or maybe you have child why not learn to us how to be play skateboard.
Some of tricks of are kick flips heel flips, shove its. I am sure more for zero skateboard is keep balance when we play skateboard and then after you can keep balance of body, next you can do it many tricks look like kick flips, heel flips, shove its, don't worry who ever you are you can learn skateboard because all need process. I have already read success story about professional skate board, there is mans, womans, girls because skateboard is our sports. Be not aware you are still new skater or maybe you are a girl or you still younger or old, all depend of your intention

There are size of variety skateboard, there is large size usually used by new skater because this type more be easy to new skater learn more be balance and I suggestion to used this type for you new skater, and other type is small size usually this type used by professional skater because used this type they can do many tricks.

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