Before the I Phone hit the decks it remained shrouded in mystery!

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The mobile market was agog with a hell lot of rumors about I Phone; some of the rumors were diabolic while some were cleanly funny. Before the I Phone hit the decks it remained shrouded in mystery. There were different opinions that were voiced on various social networking and Blogging websites including Twitter, Facebook, LiveJournal, etc. about this device. There was no topic that got left out, and which was not discussed, relating to this product, the 3G I Phone. The rumor mill was coming out with interesting, unbelievable stories about the Gizmo.

Launch of I Phone - The big Tattle!

One big tattle that created a ruckus in the mobile market was related to the launch of I Phone. There was a bit of controversy about the month of launch. The news that topped the charts went like this "I Phone is going to be released in April". Another rumor that was spinning around was that the release date has been fixed for the I Phone and it will be the first Sunday in June. According to an announcement the I Phone was probably going to be made available from June 29 onwards. To endorse this claim the company went along running an array of Ad campaigns related to their new product, the I Phone.

The gossip mongrels comments were not superfluous but were based upon hard facts. They knew that the launch of AppleTV was delayed and speculations were rife that Apple was in the process of adding some extra features in the mobile.

One more rumor was built around the I Phone price tag. It was rumored that AT&T/Cingular will subsidize the phone and that the device will be available at a cost much below the projected $499-599. This particular rumor too was constructed around a research survey by PineCone.

An AT&T/Cingular Ad went on air wherein it was alleged that the I Phone will be priced at $299/399 for 4/8 GB models. When contacted, the Cingular representative called the Ad as "A fake". There was lot of hue and cry over this Ad and the "Industry Watchers", wanted answers for questions, that were running around in their minds, because they thought that the real facts should be brought into the open. They wanted to know who was behind the survey and that what were the real objectives behind the survey.

Whatever were the rumors about the device, the I Phone is an application rich Gizmo that is going to leave an indelible mark on the erstwhile smart phone market segment.

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