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This article was developed to provide you with resources pertaining to Beets. You will typically find a long list of facts when you read my articles. Because I prefer to distribute factual articles, I will typically put in several hours of research to find important facts that will educate the reader. A typical article is written in paragraph format, unlike my articles which clearly display a listing of key facts. We have found that by displaying a list of facts, rather than traditional paragraphs, the reader gets more out of the article.

I can not tell you how much work and research has gone into writing this article for you. If you look below you can see the facts we have found for you. The facts that we have come across will help you. Most of these facts will be a great starting point as you continue your research:

1. Of course nutritionally fresh raw beets will always be superior to canned or even fresh cooked beets.

2. Beets also may be stored in outdoor pits if the beets are dug before the ground freezes in the fall.

3. Beets also make an excellent raised bed crop since soils are generally less compacted and there is less foot traffic.

4. Beets store best at 32F and 95 percent humidity.

5. Beets are also high in fiber, both soluble and insoluble.

6. Beets are high in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, fiber and powerful antioxidants.

TIME OUT -- As you take a break from reading this article, I trust it has so far provided you with useful information relative to Beets. In the event that it has not so far, the remainder of the article will. After this paragraph you will see additional facts that you may use as well:

1. Frequent shallow cultivation is important because beets compete poorly with weeds, especially when small.

2. Wash beets carefully without breaking the skin.

3. Raw beets need only to be scrubbed and grated or sliced as thinly as possible.

4. Freezing does not improve the quality of beets, it only preserves the quality you begin with.

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