Beauty skin care 'is vitally important'

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Maintaining a good beauty skin care regime is vitally important, it has been suggested.

Writing in the Daytona Beach News-Journal, dermatologist John Coppola noted that skin protects people from infection, helps keep their bodies keep at a steady temperature and is home to much of their natural immune systems.

In addition, it helps to prevent many nutrients being washed out of the body.

As people age, they undergo many physiological changes and body care becomes even more important, the expert claimed.

He stated: "The outer layer of our skin, the epidermis, loses lipids (molecules of fat) that naturally keep our skin hydrated and moist. This is the reason our skin gets drier and flakier as we age. This dry skin over time becomes itchy."

Mr Coppola recommended that people use non-abrasive soaps and a lipid-containing moisturiser to help combat such effects.

Meanwhile, the second layer of skin loses collagen over the years, he pointed out.

He remarked: "Collagen is what gives our skin both structure and pliability. As we lose it, our skin begins to sag [and] tear more easily, and wounds take longer to heal. Even our sweat glands' ability to regulate our body temperature diminishes as we age."

This makes older people more susceptible to heat stroke, he claimed.

Meanwhile, individuals are also more likely to get skin infections as they get older, he added, while impaired wound healing is another side effect of the ageing process.

Mr Coppola commented: "It may take an elderly patient's skin three times longer to heal from a cut or blister than the average healthy adult."

These days, there is a plethora of beauty skin care and body care products available in high street stores and over the web, meaning consumers have a wide choice of products to help them fight these problems.

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