Beauty Salon First Impressions-5 Secrets For Having Your Beauty Salon Make a Great First Impression

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Beauty salons have long been a get-away place for women. It's a time to kick back and enjoy being pampered. Your salon can make a great first impression every time by using the following five suggestions.

Inviting Atmosphere-You only get one chance to make a first impression so it's important to be thoughtful about the colors you choose as they will instantly set the mood. Comfortable chairs, great lighting, attractive styling booths, clean floors and waiting area are all crucial elements in creating a great first impression.

Friendly Staff-Even the glitziest salon needs a staff that is friendly and accommodating to its customers. The first impression can be a very positive one if one member of the staff immediately welcomes everyone who enters. Having someone greet clients when they enter, acknowledge their appointment, and make their stylist aware that they are there are all little things that can pay huge rewards like client loyalty.

Complimentary Refreshments-Sometimes by giving a little you get a lot. Offering complimentary coffee, tea, or even ice water with lemon or lime will make your shop stand out. Not everyone will even want anything, but just the fact that you offer it makes your salon memorable.

Staying on Schedule--Having a client wait for service makes an awful impression, and can often mean a client doesn't wait for service or doesn't return a second time. Having your stylist stick to a schedule will score big points with moms who are juggling the salon appointment with a soccer match or dance lessons.

Punctuality will also allow you to grow corporate clientele if they can reliably count on punctual appointments that they can schedule during lunch and/or before and after work.

Providing Healthy Air--Walking into a salon that reeks of perm, nail products and other chemical odors can be off putting? This makes an unpleasant first impression, and is also unhealthy for you, your stylists, and your customers to breathe. You may not smell the odors after you've been in the shop for hours, but the bad odor from hair and nail products can really cause clients not to want to stay.

Using a chemical air purifier to constantly filter the air and remove airborne chemicals will allow your salon to make a great first impression, and it will create a healthy and beautiful atmosphere where your clients can count on relaxing and enjoying their beauty salon experience.


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