Beauty Salon Air Cleaners---7 Features That Make Salon Air Purifiers Effective

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The atmosphere in beauty salons can become hazardous pretty quickly. Fumes from hair and nail products can off-gas chemical fumes and odors that range from unpleasant to unhealthy. You can insure effective filtration by choosing the following 7 features in an air cleaner.

Carbon Filtration---For odors, gases and chemicals, nothing beats the effectiveness of a carbon filter. In addition, potassium iodide has been found to take its ability to eliminate chemical fumes even more efficiently. By constantly pulling air through this type of filter, you are preventing the chemical fumes, odors and gases from salon products from building to a hazardous level in your shop.

HEPA Filtration---This type of technology is best at removing airborne particles. In fact it is the same process that hospitals used to insure clean air. By definition, a purifier with this type of filter must be able to remove 99.97% of airborne pollutants that are.3 microns (A micron is one millionth of a meter) or greater. Nail dust, hair, and more usual particles such as dust, lint, pollen and even bacteria and viruses are removed with this type of filtrations.

Steel Casing---In order to successfully eliminate odors and fumes from accumulating, 24 hours filtration is a must. This means that a cleaner should be able to operate all the time. If the outside of the purifier is made of plastic, the heat from the motor often causes the plastic to heat up and off-gas more fumes and odors into your air. By choosing a cleaner made of steel, you prevent this from happening.

Low Maintenance Requirements---By choosing a unit that can take care of itself, you are using stylists and technicians in the most efficient way. Having to assign maintenance on a daily or weekly basis is not making the best use of anyone's time, and also means your air is not being cleaned as it needs to be.

Vacuuming the outside occasionally is all an effective cleaner should need. Avoid those purifiers that contain filters that require washing, spraying, drying or need you to regularly open the unit to clean inside.

Easily Portable---A unit that you can move from one side of the salon to the other or to a new salon gives you the most flexibility and the assurance that clean air is always as close as the nearest outlet. Heavy duty wheels attached to the bottom of the unit will make minor adjustments in placement easy.

Split Capacitor Motor----This type of motor is rated for continuous high revolution per minute (RPM) which insures long life duty. It also makes it capable of operating safely 24 hours a day whether you are there or not. Allowing it to continue to purify the air while you are away means you always open the door to fresh, clean smelling air in the morning.

Hefty Warranty----The warranty a manufacturer is willing to give tells you so much about the longevity you can expect. 6 months or one year is the guarantee that most cleaners carry. But a unit that carries a 5 year warranty sets itself apart from the rest; and chances are you'll never need to use it.


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