Beauty Enhancer- the Karen Millen coat

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The word coat is usually referred to a upper layer for something that exists already. Even in the fashion world, the word coat retains the same meaning, apparel that is put over an already existing dress or outfit which adds to the beauty of the user. The coat can also be removed to give a more elegant look. The Karen Miller coat is meant for women exclusively who wish to give a grand entrance to a party. The Coats for women can be worn on any kind of dress especially the sleeveless dresses that are worn at a party. These coats can be worn when the lady steps out of the house and drives down and removed when she enters the party room. On removing the coat, the Karen Miller dress gives a complete look and gives an ambience as if an angel has stepped into the crowd.

The crepe collection of Karen Miller USA is true to its name. The one shoulder and strapless dress is a night gown that flows gracefully behind the lady when she walks down the red carpet. Added to this, if she wears a matching serene colour coat and removes it slowly and hangs it over her hand, gives an extravagant look to the lady. The Karen miller dresses carry a notion that it enhances the self confidence in women. The self confidence especially in models is a must to take them to the top. Many top models display these dresses and pose for magazines with more confidence as compared to others. The fashion magazines contain photo shoots of many models and each one looks very good on them. As one keenly follows the magazines, one is sure to observe the brands too, and slowly they will realize that the Karen Miller collection is the best fit dress for all the models irrespective of the background.

As the Chinese saying goes: "A tailor makes a Man", which means, a person is judged by the dress he wears in the first instance. Of course, in multiple meetings, other features like personality and intelligence affect the impression, but the first impression is made by the dress. The Karen Miller coat can also be used with formal dresses for meetings and the like. The coat when coupled with a necklace and a bracelet gives the exact look that one wishes to carry. The wrong choice of outfits and insensitive dress code is sure to make one feel out of the crowd.

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