Beauty Care Is Also Environment Care

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Caring for the environment impacts all facets of our lives. Health and beauty care are no exception!

There are many ways you can reduce your footprint on the planet when it comes to managing your appearance. Saving energy can be as simple as letting your hair air dry instead of using a blow dryer. You can also look into more eco-friendly products to use as part of your beauty routine.

When you wash your hair, increase the shine by rinsing it in cold water! This is actually great for your hair, closing the pores on your scalp and brightening the hair. A quick rinse in cold water is actually quite invigorating and you'll be saving on your hot water bill.

If you're looking for a product to help your hair colour look its best, look no further than your teapot! Blonde hair loves chammomile tea! Create your own hair mask by steeping two bags of the tea in hot water for a ten to fifteen minutes. Once your tea has cooled, apply it to your hair three times a week.

Brunettes are not left out either, since you have the power of rosemary to naturally enhance your locks. No matter your hair colour, add some lingering scents to your looks by using lavendar or coconut oil.

Coconut oil is also great as a facial. Vitamin E oil is another great choice to give your face a hydrating soak, reduce wrinkles and leave you feeling fabulous. Rose water brightens your face and gives your cheeks that natural pinky glow.

There are many household tips and natural ingredients you can use on your face and body to remedy little problems without harmful chemicals. For example, if you suffer from puffy eyes, try a potato slice or cold teabags. Exfoliating your lips with a dry toothbrush will keep them soft and increase their natural colour. Looking for a luscious lip balm? Try rosemary and nutmeg.

Pamper your feet with a mixture of two parts shea butter cream, combined with one part olive oil. This will soften and rejuvenate. Olive oil is a fabulous and relaxing soak for your hands, giving them a moisture bath as well as softening the often neglected cuticles. For shiny fingernails, why not give them a little rub with a fresh wedge of lemon? It's works wonders, is quick and easy, and you can throw the leftovers into your composte bin.

Eyebrows have returned to full and thick, so if you need a little help encouraging them to grow, massage a little castor oil into them.

Taking care of the environment while taking care of yourself is an easy process. Interestingly enough, choosing eco-friendly beauty care naturally translates into savings for you wallet too!

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