Beauty as a gift

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K Osmet is the classic of the Christmas presents. In every fourth tree, you can find some, say statisticians. Though many perfume and aftershave gifts, the most boring ever dismiss as: You are part of the mess as the champagne on New Year's Eve.

Still looking for some inspiration: We have lots of selected products with which to indulge in daily life or the recipient can fully create special moments. We chose classic, but also those which do not meet one everywhere, natural cosmetics and Conventional. We have often but not always looked at the price. As you would expect from ECO-TEST, all products have an extensive testing program must run in different laboratories.

All the consistently most recommendable and inexpensive green trademarks such as Alverde, Alviana or Alterra, which are now achieving even more buyer than the traditional natural cosmetics brands, we left way before the outside - you can treat yourself just in between, for Christmas, it should be something special . Be inspired!


an ecological our consumer advice sign up again worried callers. You have questions about nanoparticles of mineral UV filters in sunscreen lotions can put in the form. ECO-TEST recommended for years sunscreen lotions or creams that a purely mineral UV protection based on.

Such products are offered mainly by organic producers to put the attention to the protective effect of two compounds. This is for a titanium dioxide, which is particularly effective against UV-B rays, and zinc oxide, which has a protective function far into the UV-A region. But what about nano materials and how dangerous it is? It is known that nanoparticles are made of the sunscreens in intact skin, no problem because they are not then taken through the skin into the body.

Not only the organic cosmetic companies like using titanium dioxide, it is now being used by many conventional cosmetics manufacturers and sticks such as sunscreen products, the brands Nivea, Ambre Solaire and Piz Buin. Many manufacturers combine that is more UV filter together. Most manufacturers use conventional but to chemical UV filters. This move into the skin, at least get into the skin, others may pass into the body. Critical here is that some of these UV filters are suspected to act as a hormone.

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