Bears of the world

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A big range of living environment in the Northern Hemisphere and partly in the Southern Hemisphere are inhabited by eight living varieties of bears. Asia , Europe, North America, and South America is where they are found. They are varieties with a huge body with stocky legs, long snouts and hair which is shaggy with 5 paws and a small tail.

These are 5 of the living varieties of bears:

Considered as medium sized, they have got rounded shaped bodies than their cousins. Furs appear white with black ears and black teardrop circles around the eye area. the black mountain rock terrain and the white snow is blended into with the panda with its black and white color from the its enemies. Their diet is especially bamboo eating from 30 to 45 pounds per day. The low nutrition in bamboo is the reason why pandas eat a lot of of it to compensate thelack of nutrition that it needs. They inhabit the top Yangtze basin across distant areas of Southern China.

Overwhelming any invading animal in the Grizzly bear's area is easy for it. Alaska has the biggest grizzly ever recorded that weighs 1200 pounds and 10 feet tall. It lives from 20 to 30 years old. They are usually found in the Continental U.S. but limited to regions in Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, and Washington. There are about 31,000 of them in Alaska and about 21,000 in Western Canada.

The Polar bear is revered by the Inuits. Polar bears are hunted by the Inuits with the most respect they can demonstrate for the animal. It is our attitude and behavior that shows no respect to the polar bear. They number to 25,000 today witth 19 of the subpopulation in the region along the Arctic in which 8 are confirmed to be declining, 1 is increasing and the rest have no known variables.

These are the bears found in the forests and mountains of Europe, Asia and the northern part of North America. These bears dig dens or are in caves for winter hibernation. The coastal British Columbia, Alaska and on an island like Kodiak are the places where the biggest of them brown bears are seen. Although huge in size, these bears can run very fast at 30 miles per hour.

- Black Bear - found mostly in North America, their diet is of roots, grasses, berries and insects. They eat fish and animals too. Despite their name, black bears might be blue black, brown or cinnamon, or sometimes white.

Bears are not a danger to people, it is us who should show respect to them. Keep alert if you find yourself travelling in bear country and relish the chance to look at these majestic species in the comfort of their natural environment.

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