Beach Cleanup Only Helps After an Event

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The beaches along the Gulf of Mexico are beautiful places to enjoy a relaxing afternoon basking in the sun or playing in the waves that crash into the shoreline. However, the beaches can be threatened by erosion or storms or other extreme events that will eat away at the shoreline and could eventually destroy the beaches. Wildlife could be displaced and businesses could lose money due to a beach being ruined. However, there are some things that people can do to protect the beach. Cleanup efforts can help resort the beaches, but having protection beforehand gives property owners an advantage. HESCO® Bastion Concertainer® units can be the right answer for those who need protection from natural, or man-made, disasters. One unique thing about the units is that they can be installed within 20 minutes using only two people. A 30-foot tier can be constructed within this amount of time and filled with sand or dirt with a sand blower and it will blend in with the landscape perfectly. Easy to load and install, the units can save people a lot of trouble from doing beach cleanup in the aftermath of a storm or even a hydrocarbon spill. There is no need to bring in huge equipment or spend time training people how to install the units. It is a cost effective way of providing beach protection and saving people the trouble of dealing with issues related to beach cleanup.

If there is no protection for a beach from either floods or hydrocarbon spills, beach cleanup efforts can begin, but they are very difficult to employ. It takes hundreds of people, working hard all day to remove sand that has been saturated with oil or debris that came in from the Gulf waters. Storms have eroded some beaches to the point to where they are unlivable or even habitable for certain wildlife. When this happens, beach cleanup can involve restoring beaches by replenishing it with white beach sand from other beaches. This can widen a shoreline, giving wildlife a wider area in which to find food and for people to play on. It is much more attractive than an eroded beach.

Sterling Building Specialists are able to provide beach cleanup as well as beach protection before an event occurs. They are a leading supplier of the HESCO® Concertainer® units and can help any property owner along the Gulf Coast. For fast, easy protection for your beach, call SBS today or log on to

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