Beach Cleanup May Take While After Oil Leak Plugged

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The oil leak from the broken well of BP's Deepwater Horizon oil rig seems to be plugged for the moment, but the beach cleanup effort is still underway. Tar balls and oil slicks have been coming onshore to beaches located along the Gulf of Mexico and oil spill cleanup methods have been introduced to help stave off the environmental and economical impact. One of these methods involve the use of HESCO® units, which are easily maneuvered into position within 20 minutes time thanks to their accordion design. Also, two people can install the units, which is considerably less time than it takes to install 1,500 flood sandbags. They have a stable core that is increased with a pyramid design of three rows that are stacked on top of one another. Once a layer of sand is placed on top of it with a sand blower, they act as a wall of protection. The units have been used before to protect against floods and beach erosion. The U.S. military has used them in combat situations and they can be applied to a wide range of projects. Their practical and efficient design makes them useful for many purposes including beach cleanup.

Another element that can make the HESCO® units even more effective for beach cleanup is the addition of Enviro Bond 403™. This is an agent that will solidify oil and make it easier to dispose of. It is a dry granular powder that is blended to encapsulate petroleum-based liquid spills by transforming it into a cohesive rubberish material immediately upon contact. In addition, the solid oil can then be used as a raw material for asphalt, rubber, plastic products and even burned for fuel. Beach cleanup is made easier by turning oil into a solid, because it is much easier to remove than it would be if the oil was in its liquid form.

One company that is utilizing this oil spill cleanup method is Integrated Protection Systems (IPS). They are a top supplier of HESCO® units and will add Enviro Bond 403™ to the mix, making them stronger and more effective. Beach cleanup is not easy, but with these tools, it can be less trouble to help save the beaches from the oil slick. It is important to keep the beaches clean, not just for businesses, but for the wildlife that depend upon it as well. For more information on beach cleanup with IPS, call 800-605-6586 or email

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