Be in a virtual office outside office through video message

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With Video Messaging and Video Mailing service now one can actually view whatever is happening in one’s office even if one is outside the office premise.
With the advent of video messaging service one can view their office premises via a simple video SMS. Most of the time CEOs and MDs worry about the fact that without their absence the work will not get done and their staff are lethargic. However, now with VMS things have changed.
According to Mr Ravi Kumar who is a Managing Director of a retail form “ I am always travelling outside the office for business purposes, but I am really worried if my staff is working productively of no. I know that behind by back they are either out of the office or lazing around their time doing absolutely nothing.” But with the advent of VMMS this scenario will surely change
So how can one send video SMS?
All you need to do is 3 easy steps
Take a video from any internet device
Go to the website of a video sharing company that offer platform, protocol as well as network free video sharing and register

Attach the video, plug in the email address and the phone number and send it to any other internet device of your choice.
Yes it’s as simple as that. Now let us what one requires sending unlimited videos
• Any mobile device or computer/PC or tablet with video camera or web cam
• Internet Connection (mandatory)
• A video clip to be sent
• Mobile number and mail id of the recipient
• A Website to post your video blog if you are posting it for everyone
• Linking of social networks with videos so that video scraps can be sent and viewed by everyone or select audience.

So now one can ask their staff to record unlimited videos from their internet device and send it to one’s device absolutely free of cost. This way one can easy keep track of their office staff without physically being there.
Can these videos be stored for future reference?
With video message, blogs or SMS you have the option of actually saving all your videos and files in one space. Since this run on a server capacity even if your PC/tablet/mobile crashes you can still retrieve them and use it on any other device. This system is very similar to that of storing it online via – email or other websites such as Snapfish, Shutterfly etc However, there still is a difference there. With these tools, you can send your videos and pictures to specific email accounts wherein one can only them from PC/Laptop and some select mobile phones such as I-Phones etc, but in case of a video message you can view it and then send it from any internet device to any other internet device.

All that the sender needs to do is actually punch in the email id and phone number of the recipient. The recipient will receive via a simple SMS, all he has to do is click on it and the video will stream seamlessly. Once the video is received it is archived for the sender as well as the receiver. All users can also store video message on through a VMMS Video Mailing and Messaging Service or a Video Messaging Service, which one can get if they search online. Most of these sites offer free services and bank on registration of users and also the number of video messages sent for their revenue. Some sites even charge a nominal fee if one exceeds the minimum number of messages allowed.
So what are you waiting for ask your staff to send their video messages today, and be in control of your office always.

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