“Be Happy and Live Healthy”.

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The responsibility of hiding the "age gap" is obliged on it for granted but the duty of respecting it through care is neglected quite easily. Under extreme weather conditions and daily it experiences the wear and tear and eventually demands terms like cleansing, moisturizing and other expensive terms frequently used in the vicinity of the nearby beauty parlors. An entire range of products with tested and proven solutions to nurture our skin are already blooming in the market. The ingredients of such solutions might be the residues of high tech laboratory experiments, much to the amazement of their complex names, but when applied to the skin the effects fade away with time(not to forget the beauty pageants crying and their make up fading away with the trailing tears). Our "Oh-so-delicate" skin becomes a regular client of such promising products under the false hopes of renewing its dead cells and reviving its original glow it once possessed.

For not more than a decade or two (of my life) it has started to grow harsh, not on us but perhaps on itself. It has developed in its appearance, a sense of curiosity, with its each layer revealing the severity of the work done (or may be "shades" of the work done) each passing day. Our dear skin seems to "burn" with jealousy not for the fact that it saw a fairer counterpart, but for the fact that being the longest organ of the same body it was deprived of the relative(if not the sole) attention. The jealousy is yet so obvious, for the entire blame of "public display of ageing" is levied upon it.

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As a matter of fact the solution for anti ageing skin care lies in the age old "nani ke nuskhe" that is the solution lies within the nature itself. Taking care of the skin requires drinking water and fresh fruit juices regularly. Retaining the glow of the skin requires the body metabolism to be perfect and this can be achieved best by consuming water regularly throughout the day. The solutions devised above do not take into account the various unwanted problems or worries we take up for granted in our day to day life. The major source to these problems lies firmly on the grounds of the basic human nature of imposing a stressful routine on him. Thus considering the solutions mentioned above there lays yet another flawless answer to this problem "Be Happy and Live Healthy".

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