Be a Part of the Walker Family in Brothers and Sisters

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Brothers and Sisters is one of the American family dramas, which depicts the saga of the Walker family and their life in California. All the Brothers and Sisters episodes centre on the Walker family tree and their everyday struggles. The Walker family starts with Nora Walker, who is the matriarch of the family. She has five off-springs which include; Tommy, Kevin, Justin, Sarah and Kitty.
Those who watch Brothers and Sisters online should have an idea about the entire history of the head of the family unit, Nora. She is the head of the family because her husband passed away when she was quite young. A strong character, she reacts quite normally when she comes to know about the illegal affair of her husband and her mistress. She is someone who bears everything and fosters her children against all odds.
Sarah Walker is another strong woman protagonist and the first born of a strong mother. She is tough businesswoman, who often struggles with her personal and professional life. Though she is a true professional and a hardworking woman, she still faces a lack of correspondence at her workplace. In spite of all kinds of problems and challenges, she is always ready for the next one. Due to these exclusive qualities of Sarah, fans love to watch Brothers and Sisters over and over again.

Kitty Walker is the second eldest daughter of the Walker family, and shares conventional orthodox beliefs of her deceased father. Kitty has some ego clashes with her mother, because of the two reasons; first Kitty hates the Liberals and secondly, she is the strong promoter of the Republicans. Through these two characters we come to know more about how social life enters personal spaces. The love and affection is present, but at times it gets too complicated. Several such entangled relationships form the basis of the Brothers and Sisters episodes.
Tommy Walker, is the first born son of Nora Walker, and his eyes are set on his father and uncle's business. Like his sister and father he is a conservative republican and one of those kids who aren't very close to their parents. The late William Walker gave all the authorities to Sarah, in order to make Tommy less important in the high-stake corporate business. If you watch Brothers and Sisters online, then you must already be aware of all this.

Kevin and Justin Walker are those kids who often feel overprotected by their parents and siblings. Justin is someone who has gone through all the disastrous effects of teenage life. If you regularly watch Brothers and Sisters, then you must have gone through the episode in which Justin showed symptoms of post traumatic stress, leading to drug addiction.
This is perhaps one of the shows, which has the potential to portray all the emotions of a life.

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