BBQ Apron: Protecting Your Clothes From BBQ Stains

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BBQ stains can be quite tough on your clothes. If you don't want to ruin your favorite t-shirt, you better wear a BBQ apron when cooking barbecue in your backyard. No, you do not need one of those expensive leather BBQ aprons to protect your clothes from stains. A nice BBQ apron that is made of cheaper materials like vinyl and other types of non-stick materials will do just fine.

When buying BBQ apron choose those mid length types that covers your body up to your upper chest and are long enough to cover most of your thighs. If possible choose a BBQ apron that reaches just below your knees to protect your pants or skirt. Forget about those fashionable aprons that hardly protects your clothes. Remember that you are cooking barbeque here so you need to be well prepared to protect your clothes from ugly stains.

Another thing that you need to consider when buying BBQ apron is color. As much as possible, choose dark colored aprons when cooking barbecue. Dark colors are really good at hiding ugly barbeque stains so you need not worry too much about splashing some barbeque sauce on your apron while turning the meat on the grill.

Yes, wearing those nice white aprons when cooking is good and it makes you look really clean but the thing is, BBQ stains can be really tough on light colored materials. Your white apron will not really look so nice if there are some red stains on it. Besides, removing stains from white materials can be really difficult. Once you stain your white apron with BBQ marinade or sauce, your white apron will never look the same again.

Cleaning Your BBQ Apron

If you use apron that is made of cloth, soak your apron in warm soapy water after using. Warm soapy water will help loosen up the stubborn dirt on your BBQ apron. Soak the apron for a few hours and then gently scrub off the dirt and stain from the apron using a soft brush. For hard to remove stains, use some stain removing ingredients.

Dry the apron after washing and then store in a safe place. On the other hand, if you use a BBQ apron that is made of non-stick materials, just use a wet piece of clothe and then wipe the apron after using. You may also use soap to remove the grease from the apron. After cleaning the apron, hung it to dry.

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