BBC News Malaria Killing Over One Million People a Year

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On October 21st 2010 the BBC news website reported that Malaria is now killing over one million people every year . The article states that Malaria is now only second only to tuberculosis in its impact on world health. Malaria of which there are four types is a parasatic disease passed on by mosquitoes is found in 90 countries world wide and incredibly infects 1 in 10 of the world's population these are mainly from Brazil, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Columbia and the Solomon Islands. In the sub - saharan region a child dies every 30 seconds and pregnant women are particuarlly vunerable. The BBC report that over 2000 people in the Uk contract malaria whilst they are on hoilday or travelling abroad, a high profile case being Cheryl Cole who was seen collapsing whilst judging on the X factor earlier this year she contracted malaria whilst on a 4 day trip. She showed the classic signs of the infection of a a headache, aching muscles and weakness or a lack of energy this fools people into thinking they are coming down with the flu but soon after a high fever followed by chills two to four days later this is then repeated most people do survive the illness but this is after 10 to 20 days of being very ill but you do need to spot the signs early . The facts are though the young fit and healthy people can die of malaria and the most serious types of the disesase can affedt the kidneys and brain and eventually cause anenmia coma and death. Malaria is not the only life threatening disease that mosquitoes can cause others include The West Nile Virus (Symptoms include fever, headache, body aches, and skin rashes) Yellow Fever (Typically caught from the Aedes aegypti mosquito. 5% of people who get yellow fever die. Symptoms include high temperature (fever), nausea and vomiting, jaundice, and bleeding). Encephalitis (Encephalitis is inflammation of the brain, symptoms rapidly get worse over a short period of time, and people have found to experience seizures) Dengue Fever (Dengue Fever symptoms starts with chills, headache, pain upon moving the eyes, and low backache. Dengue is now the leading cause of acute febrile illness). The BBC also ask the question why has malaria increased and state that after years of bringing it under control more people are dying from malaria than 30 years ago and that it is spreading to Eastern European countries like Russia and Turkey as well as some cases being reported in the USA. So why is this happening firstly the disease is getting resistant to traditional treatments and in some Asian areas none of the major drugs used is effective. Mosquitoes are now developing resistance to insecticides used to control the spread of the disease these are just a few of different reasons for the upscale of Malaria.What can be done to make sure people young and old don't contract malaria the best thing people can do is make sure you are protected when abroad using DEET FREE products . DEET is a toxic product that can endanger both adults and children. This is why experts have advised consumers to take extreme caution when dealing with DEET these symtons can occur when using deet based products Eye and mucous membrane irritation. Dryness of face, a slight tingling sensation, Toxicity is primarily neurologic and may occur via oral or dermal exposure, most commonly in children.Eye contact may result in a stinging sensation. A burning sensation of the lips, tongue and mouth may be noted Abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. Malaria is now a disease you CAN'T just dismiss when you are on holiday or travelling abroad and for that reason alone the price of Mosquito Patch is small compared to the consequences.

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