Battle of war between IP PBX and Proprietary Systems

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Have you ever wondered why IP PBX is popular among the gentry interested in technical advancements? For something to get popular, it must possess that extra factor required to make it big in any field. To make it clear, let me say that IP PBX is a telephony system which allows making telephone calls over IP data networks. The additional compliments like scalability and robustness are the things which make it a demanding technical arrival for the entrepreneurs.

Not much work awaits you if you are planning to change your communication style and switch to IP PBX. It can be easily connected to PSTN lines via VoIP. There is no need to change the telephone numbers which should be retained for as long time as possible. It contains one or more SIP phones, IP PBX server and sometimes VoIP gateway to connect to PSTN lines. SIP clients register with IP PBX server which makes the connection whenever required. IP PBX has all the numbers in a directory and their corresponding SIP address and they can make internal calls as well as external call via VoIP gateway or service provider.

In a war between the proprietary systems and IP PBX, the latter wins in the battle. I am not just saying it but also proving it by giving a host of crucial reasons that why should one prefer the latter over the former. IP PBX is very easy to install and runs as a software. It can be installed by anyone who is proficient in the networking and computer operations. Since it possesses web based configuration interface, it can be easily maintained and updated accordingly. On the other hand, proprietary phone systems have difficult interfaces designed by the phone technicians and thus handled well by them only.

The list of reasons for the overcoming of proprietary systems by IP PBX goes on and on. With the support of IP PBX, you can easily use a VoIP service provider for the international calls which cuts your cost to a great extent. In case, you have branch offices, you can make free calls between the different branches. There is an absolute elimination of phone wiring with the former. Since the software phones can be installed on the PC, the extensions do not require more and more wiring. All you need to expand your business is the IP PBX with no extra ports.

There is a clear win of IP PBX with the above mentioned points. Therefore, the Switch is in demand by which you can make international calls with the cheaper rates. This cost cut makes for the reduction of distances and thus rates between you and your loved ones.

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