Bass amps the Hartke A100 review

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The Hartke A100 amp is a great little amp that packs a good punch for only 100 watts. Even though Hartke amps are not very well known, in general they're very dependable and can last a person a long time.

The Hartke A100 offers all of the standard settings that one would count on from virtually any bass amp, effects loops, treble and bass controls a head phone jack, as well as a CD input jack. The main one feature that it is lacking is an input for some extension sound in the form of a few cabinets or something. You'll be able to certainly get some big sound but I'd personally utilize this amp for small gigs and such.

Obviously the better the bass that you will be playing with any kind of given amp, the higher quality sound you are going to obtain. With that said, the budget bass will sound all right on the A100 generating good quality bass all around, whether or not that be a good solid rock bass or some jazzy slappy bass.

Hartke amps in my personal experience have always been pretty a rugged as well as reliable bass amp. The A100 stands true to that premiss and doesn't let down in the durability and strength, if you do any type of gigging you already know the importance of having an amp that could receive a beating. Unlike several speaker grilles, the A100 has a solid grille and definately will withstand some random mishaps in the form of kicks and bumps. If you just shelled out some coinage you would like to be aware that any little factor will not break your investment.

I prefer this amp with the type of music that I typically play, that is rock and metal however I feel that this amp would also be decent for those mellow playing or jazz. The range of sounds that could be obtained are pretty decent therefore you could just about play virtually any style of music. If you specialized in just one style of music aside from rock and alternative I would have a shot at a different bass amp simply for the fact that this amp is designed more for those styles of music.

Overall this is a reliable bass amp via Hartke. Its cost-effective and is particularly ideal for the bassist that is going on a world tour at any time soon. The 100 watts and 15 inch cone are usually a great deal for my personal garage playing and small gigs. I would give this amp a good 7 out of 10. It is worth a glance.

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