Basics of Making a Good Home Video - Some tips for the Amateur

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Get hold of a Camcorder and learn the function like the back of your hand.. The first step while designing your videos is to make it stable. If you use a tripod with a head specially designed for video, it helps you a lot to make it stable. Secondly, you must learn when to zoom, and make other moves. While zooming, make smooth, slow, and constant motions. Hold a shot for at least 10 to 20 seconds for the viewer to understand the subject.

So you have been entrusted to videotape your sibling/cousin/best mate's wedding, what do you do now? Personally visit the wedding location, the reception venue, at least a week ahead. If the wedding is at a church, speak to the minister in charge in order to get access to the best locations, say a high balcony. Note down the best viewing locations for key events, such as the entrance of the bridal party and the exchange of vows. If the ceremony is taking place outdoors, be sure to find out what the contingency plans are for inclement weather.

Create a shortlist of the shots that the couple absolutely must have for their video. Keep up-to-date with any changes that the newlyweds-to-be make to the order of ceremonies. Be sure to edit the entire wedding craftily. You can finally present the entire episode as a Wedding DVD sprinkled with Wedding Slide shows of your best Still Shots for a change of taste and style.

Birthday videos will differ depending upon the age of the person and the nature of the celebration. The key elements of a Birthday video should include the birthday announcement, the speech that gathers everyone together to light of the candles on the cake, the singing of "Happy Birthday," and the blowing out of the candles.

Memorial video, Shower video, Tribute video, and Reunion video require special attention as they are mostly shot indoors. Light plays an important part and you should be crafty enough to either use the available light to your advantage or use special lighting arrangements so the event comes out clear and crisp.

A funeral Video is a solemn incident. Like a Tribute video, you have to depend on gathering past photographs and selecting the right ones. Find out the stories behind important photographs and share with the audience. Keep the event compact so that the audience does not get bored.

Make a video on any subject, Make A Video and your story telling success entirely depends on how interestingly and crisply you can tell that story holding the attention of your viewers.

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