Basic/Intermediate Photo Retouching - Getting Done With Retouching

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Before starting on the basic/intermediate photo retouching procedures, you need to be settled in an area where bright light or reflections could not hinder the image in the monitor screen. Calibrate your monitor so that the common problem of color discrepancy will be avoided. Carefully analyze and study the image subject for retouching and figure out what particular task you are going to do in order to make the needed corrections.

The Basic Retouching Steps

  1. Level adjustment
  2. Fix eyebrows
  3. Remove wrinkles
  4. Remove blemishes
  5. Whiten and fix teeth
  6. Increase eye definition
  7. Fix hair
  8. Match color of clothing to skin tone
  9. Crop the image
  10. Sharpen the whole output

Helpful Tips

Plan ahead and be able to lay down what comes first in the process of basic/intermediate photo retouching and what tools and techniques you will be using. Try to avoid heavily damaged images and prefer to work on an original data with no prior color or pixel lost. Check the progress of the retouching work from time to time to make it easier for you to see if you have done enough or you have gone too far. Be very cautious and try to work patiently and slowly but do not be alarmed when things get messed up. Undo mistakes if you are not satisfied with the work. And for the most important tip: always start basic/intermediate photo retouching with color correction and properly crop and sharpening towards the end.

Color Correction

Color correction is one of the several other basic/intermediate photo retouching steps that you need to consider before finally getting a print of a photo. You do not only make some color corrections simply to enhance the portrait but it is generally included among the important retouching techniques wherein correct color discrepancy is corrected based on the actual image and the one seen on the computer screen. You can convert an image to black & white, sepia, or duotones in this step.

Sharpening Features

Another important basic/intermediate photo retouching technique is to enhance facial features such as the skin, nose, lips, teeth, and eyes. The eyes can be the most important aspect of the face that needs to be emphasized. Most often than not, they are the first things that viewers scrutinize, which is why you have to know the basics of red eye removal and other eye improvement procedure. Although the skin has to be refined, you should remember not to overdo it and make them look like a plastic wrap and unnatural. The primary goal is to reduce skin imperfection, blemishes and wrinkles in a subtle way to make the portrait a well-rested version of the individual.

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