Basic Dieting Tips To Aid In Weight Loss And Weight Maintenance

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It's well known that the key to staying healthy and fit can be found in exercising and losing weight. Here are some basic dieting tips which will help you feel and look better if combined with exercise.

Dieting (eating) properly really isn't that complicated, but does take some effort. Most of these ideas won't be new to you, but are good reminders of what to do for an effective diet and weight loss program.

First, though, understand that you must steer clear of pills and diet aids that pump your body full of chemicals and unnatural substances. These can cause problems later on in life if you continue to depend upon them.

There are some quality, safe products out there which can help you jump start your weight loss diet, but if you must use them, keep it short-term.

- Limit your daily meals to 6 small meals per day. I know that is easier said than done, but it keeps your body from ever feeling starved and maintains a properly functioning metabolism. You must look at these as light meals rather than the regular meals you grew up with. To help keep you from overeating during these meals, place your food portions on a smaller side plate. And to help with the six meals per day, consider carry with you things like energy bars, pieces of healthy fruit, or something like instant cup-o-soup.

- Keep in mind "You are what you eat." Eating too much sugar makes you plump, too much bread and pastas make you lethargic and plump, and so on. Sugars found in these things, such as: cakes, chocolates, cookies, ice cream, etc, also make your digestive system sluggish and can affect your immune system negatively. Eating these types of food, then, aside from poor nutrition, discourages you from exercising, which just makes matters worst. So you must choose foods that are high in nutritional value and actually make your body feel good.

- The good foods are all the things "mom" and the government said you should eat: fresh fruits and vegetables should be eaten at every meal (or at least 3 times per day); lean meats, such as fish, chicken, and occasional lean cuts of red meat; healthy carbohydrates, which includes grainy breads, brown rice, whole-wheat or wholegrain cereals and some pastas.

Not all fats are bad, especially in moderation. Also, remember the 8 glasses of water.

- Lastly, the timing of when you eat is important. You should be aware of your daily schedule and not let it to affect your diet.

Attempt to eat at approximately the same time each day. This keeps your body from beginning to store fats as a survival mechanism. It does that when it's not sure when it will be eating again.

Also, do not eat for at least 3 hours before you go to bed. Food does not have time to properly digest if you break that rule, and this cause excess fat to build up.

As you can see, these basic dieting tips to help with weight loss and proper body maintenance are not new. !


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