Barack Obama Destroys the Great Lakes

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Why is it so easy to find fault in others but so impossible to see it in ourselves?

Jesus Christ the Jewish born Rabbi and Messiah of Christianity and Islam, said, "Judge not lest you be judged by the same standards by which you judge others." Michael Jackson, the greatest entertainer since Salome, on rye, who until this day still refuses to be buried sang, here, "I've been a victim of a selfish kind of love, I'm starting with the man in the mirror, I'm asking him to change his ways, And no message could have been any clearer, If you wanna make the world a better place, Take a look at yourself, and then make a change, Na Na Na, Na Na Na, Na Nah."

Yesterday Ryan Jenkins did his Saddam Hussein impersonation in front of his motel closet mirror in Hope, B.C. Was the entire plan a one man protest against Mr. Hope and Change, a subliminal lynching? We are all slaves to our own brainwashing, brought to you by Tide. Pontius Pilate took a pitcher of water to wash away the stain of the Messiah's blood. Here is the mirror RedRum scene of the boy in the mirror from The Shining Is being cut down in your prime a prerequisite to being a human idol?

Recently the Western Media has been all over the story of Mehdi Karoubi, Mahmoud's opponent, who is alleging that Iranian prison guards have been sodomizing the teenage protesters in the Iranian jails. Yesterday "Pretty Boy" Ryan Jenkins offed himself in order to save himself from becoming Bubba's Girlfriend at San Quentin. Why is news of rape in an Iranian prison front page news in the Western world when rape in our own prisons is so rampant and goes completely unreported?

Despite having only 4% of the world's population, and Al Gore as Vice President, the United States of America daily spills 25% of the world's poison into the Earth's water, earth and air for us and future generations of American children to choke on. Do you hear the mainstream media complaining about it?

The polluters are the benefactors and sponsors of the mainstream media. Jesus said, "You cannot not worship money and work at Goldman Sachs." Take my bonus, please. What kind of a species worships paper money made from trees over pure, fresh water? The suicide bombers aren't blowing themselves up for the virgins but for the pure fresh water promised to them in heaven. (Koran Sura 56:30).

Last week Ryan Jenkins' wife the buxom Jasmine Fiore danced for him in her pink bikini at the swimming pool of the last remaining Playboy Club at the Palms Hotel in Lost Wages. Talk about famous last words: In the video of Jasmine Fiore dancing for Ryan Jenkins, Ryan says: "RedRum RedRum Wow I love my life, I love my wife, So hot, Love you babe, I'm the luckiest guy in the world." Define "love".

Have you ever noticed that you meet a super hot rich guy who flatters you up and down, then he rips out your teeth and stuffs you in a suitcase and then all of a sudden he doesn't look so great? I hate when that happens. Jesus cursed the Bible Writers, the leaders of his day and the Ryan Jenkins' of the world when he said, "I curse Woe upon you hypocrites! For you are like whitewashed tombs, which on the outside look beautiful, but inside they are full of the bones of the dead and of all kind of filth. So you also on the outside look righteous to others but inside you are full of hypocrisy and lawlessness." (Matthew 23:27-28).

God carved in stone "Don't murder the pieces you are made of air, water and earth." The problem is that on Earth poisoning the pieces we are made of is legal. Our politicians have legalized murder. Ryan Jenkins is a bad guy for murdering one model but our politicians are given honorary doctorates and boatloads of cash for making laws legalizing murder, redrum. Woody Allen called politicians one step below child molesters.

You cannot break the law of nature but if you do it will break your back. The leaders of Canada and the United States are now acting as though they have never heard of global warming, acid rain, pollution, or poison. Last week President Obama and Secretary Clinton issued a permit to Enbridge to build a pipeline to bring oilsands crude from Alberta to Superior, Wisconsin. Tar Sands oil is the dirtiest fuel on our home, the tiny ball called Earth, with high greenhouse gas emissions, the pipeline crosses thousands of rivers and streams, and worst of all, Canada and the United States are now permanently turning the world's largest supply of fresh water, the Great Lakes into a cancer causing poisonous cesspool.

During the Presidential debates Alaskan Senator Mike Gravel turned to Hillary Clinton next to him and said, "Shame on you Hillary, you know that the Congress is owned lock stock and barrel by the military industrial complex." The debate organizers citing Democratic Debate Rule 4(a), "Any candidate breaching the rule of Omerta shall be banned from any future debates." At the next debate Senator Gravel was replaced by a cardboard cutout of his likeness.

What is our society's fascination with plastic surgery dolls like Anna Nicole Smith, Jasmine Fiore and Michael Jackson? On the outside Ryan Jenkins and Jasmine Fiore were the perfect couple - they had it all - looks, fame and fortune. Two weeks later Jasmine is living in a dumpster and Ryan is hanging in a seedy motel closet. In our society it is a crime to kill one person but perfectly legal to kill everyone.

Cancer is a poison shot out of your exhaust pipe like a bullet that hits its target and then explodes 10 years later eating you alive in a horrifying agonizing death for two years. Muslim Law forbids the execution of virgins so the night before the execution for protesting the rigged election the guards in Tehran marry the 12 year old girl then rape her. The 15 year old Iranian prison boy was repeatedly raped by the guards, and is now suicidal. The boy, Reza said, "My life is over, I don't think I can ever recover."

Jasmine Fiore's mother said today "Ryan Jenkins took the easy way out." Define "easy". How easy is it to hang yourself with a belt from a low hanging coat rack with your feet still on the ground? Nice reality show. Great ratings. Great bodies. Great Lakes. Soon the Middle Eastern people will be paying $100 for a bottle of Evian and we're poisoning the world's largest fresh water supply, which we own, forever. Why does the short term bottom line always trump the long term bottom line? It truly is time for a change.

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