Band Saws for DIY Environment

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Better processes and the improvement in services has been the caused of the development in technology. But technology has been brought about by skills, insights and innovations. With the aid of technology and the knowledge of people involved, they were able to bring tools and machineries to make work easier and production efficient. With these tools, most materials can be easily worked on because today’s workers need not work manually. The best way to achieve success in today’s global market is by having good machineries or equipments, and having professional and trained individuals. When the production and workers have all that they need, the outcome is a winning situation for all involved.

Haco is counting themselves as among the leading distributors of powerful tools. Among the products that they offered are band saws, brake press, CNC plasma, cutting machine, punch and shear, and punching machines. Whether you need a cost effective machine or a sophisticated one, Haco can surely provide them.

Band saws are powerful tools which are versatile enough to cut various work pieces. It uses a blade consisting of a continuous band of metal teeth along one edge to cut wood, metals and other materials. They are not only used particularly for cutting irregular or curved shapes, but also straight cuts. When setting up your bandsaws, it is important that you read the instructions’ manual because there are numerous fine adjustments to be made. Failure to do so will decrease its performance or could result to make the blades more likely to break. Such adjustments include adjusting the blade guides, thrust bearing and side bearings. Haco-Kingsland is the sole distributor of BOMAR, the leading European manufacturer of high quality bandsaws. BOMAR offers more than 50 types of band saws ranging from small mobile manual saws to fully hydraulic.

Haco also offers a comprehensive range of brake press. Brake press is also known as press brake or just brake and is a powerful tool for bending sheet and plate material, most commonly sheet metal. Most brake press operations are done manually. Hence it requires proper skill and safety considerations. There are several types of brakes as described by the means of applying force such as mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic and servo-electric.

CNC plasma and other automation tools have been the solution for manufacturers, small shop owners, hobbyists, and fabricators worldwide. Haco carries both the well-known brands KOMPAKT and Proxima CNC plasma cutting machines that are available in a wide range of cutting tables and Hypertherm plasma systems. They used the combination of the standard graphical CNC control and their offline CAD/CAM software so as to make importing, nesting and managing programs easy to use. Haco also carries the brand KINGSLAND for punching machines, punch and shear. Cleverly combining a hole punching facility with a guillotine for cutting mild steel strip, square bar and wire to length, they are an extremely capable workshop tool for use in a DIY, training or production environment.

The Haco Series Q5 CNC punching machines can convert your workshop into one of the highest productivity and flexibility. With 22 or 30 tons high speed servo hydraulic punching head, rotation axis for tools, and standard interpolation parameters, they are an extremely capable workshop tool for a wide range of punching and secondary operations. They are also used for quality construction, safe operation and trouble-free performance. You can visit Haco at for the list of their quality tools and machineries.

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