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A great way to make money from your waste is to use a baler on recyclable products. You can use a waste management company to come and purchase all of your baled rubbish that you have not been able to make use of. In certain circumstances some goods can be purchased lose, but a baler is the ideal way to create manageable waste that can be stored and transported easily.

Buy a Baler which Works for You

There are various sized balers that are able to fit in to the size of your company dependant on the space you have available and the waste that your produce. To help you make an educated decision on the size which will work best for you it is a good idea to have a free waste audit created.

A waste audit will identify the amount of rubbish that you could dispose of more efficiently. You may find that you would benefit from a baler and could also make use of some of the other services available from waste management services.

A baler can compress materials such as cardboard and plastic. If you find your warehouse, shops, hotel, retail centre or factory has a lot of these items which can be recycled or sold elsewhere then the audit will identify this for you. Other items which can be baled or sold loosely include coat hangers, CDs, paper, film and polystyrene.

Safety First

A baler uses pressure to turn loose waste into a manageable form. All of the machines you can purchase or lease from waste management companies should be built with safety in mind. The amount of pressure that is used ranges from eight tons up to forty tons and therefore it is imperative that they are built in accordance to CE directives.

The electro hydraulics of your baler will be able to cope with a lot of rubbish in a small amount of time. These machines are designed to be low maintenance and also to last many years. The investment can quickly pay off and you can find that your waste can be turned into an asset for your business. can provide you with a Baler. We increase recycling, create revenue streams, reduce costs while at the same time reduce your carbon footprint. Visit us today for Cardboard Recycling.

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