Bad Effects of Eating Out In Weight Loss

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Unless you don't have control to over what you are eating outside forget about any weight loss program you are dealing with or intend to deal with. The food in most restaurants these days are full of salt, sugar and oil that tend to be very high in calories. Although many restaurants nowadays offer diet foods for people but still these are not worthy.

If we talk about Americans, research shows that in 1978 less than 20 percent of calories consumed by them were from eaten outside the home but in 2003, it reached to 50 percent. In America every 2 in 3 people suffer from obesity. And still they are eating out more and more which affect their waistline badly.

In America the basic problem with restaurants is that they serve really huge portions. People become accustomed to these large portions. When you have meals here you may feel morally obligated to eat everything on you plate whose result could be suffered by your waistline. After finishing half meal you may feel full stomach but because of moral obligation you are forced to eat full.

On the other side one more problem is that they serve rolls or breads and not any nutritious food made up of whole wheat kind either. Let's take example, when you know in evening you are going out to eat you will probably less food throughout the day or even skip the food and when you get to the restaurant you are starving. So in such situation when bread or rolls served in you table what you do? Definitely, you start eating lot many rolls.

These days free soda refills plus soda glasses are offered by many restaurants in America which is full of sugar. Because it is free you intensity is to take advantage of it. But the soda alone can put you far away from your weight loss program.

So, how to get out of it?

First thing you need is to stick to your diet plan. Choose food that has lot of vegetables and fruits and avoid desserts entirely. When your meal presented in front of you immediately without thinking any thing put half of meal aside. When your first half over don't even look at the rest meal.
It has seen that when you follow a healthy and stable diet plan both at home and when eating out you are developing good eating habits that will help you lose weight fast and live a tension free healthy life.

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