Bachelorette Party Supplies That Will Set the Right Tone

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Have you been given the bride's best friend's ultimate honor? Have you been chosen as the maid of honor? The one who will help plan the wedding, the one who will organize the bridal shower and the bachelorette party? Is it you who is the chosen one? If it is, congratulations! Now, where to begin?

Being the maid of honor means a whole lot of responsibility, and first and foremost, it means being responsible for the bachelorette party, otherwise known as your best friend's last night as a single lady. You've got to go all out for the bachelorette party, or your friend will never forgive you. She'll be stressed enough with planning an entire wedding, so it's up to you to plan a party that she'll remember for the rest of her life (that is, if she doesn't drink too much). Where to even begin? Here are some bachelorette party supplies that will set the right tone - the tone of fun!

To begin, you'll have to send out invitations. Consider some saucy martini glass shaped cards that read "Girls night out!" These cheeky cards are the perfect way to start off the party - they're a great way to invite everyone to what is sure to be a night to be remembered. In a variety of colors, these martini cards are best served shaken, not stirred, in hot pink. The back of the invitations has lines to write on, so it's customizable and cute! Make sure you save an invite or two as a memento for the bride to put in her scrapbook.

Another great idea is a complete guide for party planners book entitled "The Best Bachelorette Party Book." Perfect for maids of honor who are clueless as to how to throw the best bachelorette party around, this book will take care of all the details for you, or at the very least, clue you in on what details to consider. Chock full of fun activities, recipes, decorating hints and ideas, you'll find that this all-inclusive book contains information about how to plan and host a great bachelorette party, whether you're doing it in your backyard or at a bar, a restaurant or a hotel. With fun game ideas, such as Get Lei-d, Rubber Bash and Strip Tease, as well as hilarious games such as Pin the Privates on the Pin-up, you're sure to find a few great ideas in this book.

Now let's get to party favors. You've got to have lots of favors and fun stuff to spice things up at the bachelorette party - not just for the bride, but for everyone involved as well. Consider a set of colorful feather leis. Each lei is Hawaiian inspired and features Chandelle feathers. These colorful leis come in plum, dusty pink and peach and are the perfect fun complement to your bachelorette party uniform.

Another hilarious and fun party favor is a set of light up engagement rings. Sure, the bride might have a real rock, but why not give a faux rock to everyone else, just for fun? These sparkly rings help you rock the bling. Add a little fun to your bachelorette party with light up engagement rings powered by tiny LED batteries. The perfect blend of quirky and whimsy, these rings are a great party favor.

When it comes to dressing up the bride, look no further than a cheeky "bride to be" sash. This flashing sash lets everyone know who the bride is in the room - and will remind her of her days as prom queen. What's not to love? You might consider giving her a veil to wear when you're out and about as well.

You can also get her a cute and colorful bride pin - you don't want anyone to be confused about who the bride is. It's her last night out on the town as a single lady, so make sure you pull out all the stops! Of course, you and all the girls will need pins too - you can get pins for everyone else that read, "just for the girls." Too cute!

Now that we've covered party favors, you're going to need some games. The Bachelorette Party Dare Spinner Game is like twister, but well, a bit more twisted - and a whole lot more fun! This fun game features 8 dares and 8 create your own dares, so all the girls can get a little crazy. Another great game option is "I Dare You," with 24 cards, each with a different daring deed. Let the bride to be choose first and let the fun begin. This is definitely an adult party game, and you'll be on the floor laughing at the amazing dares in no time.As you can see, there are lots of great games and party favors out there to help you throw the best bachelorette party ever. Find some great ones for your big event now!

Mike Smithy is a freelance writer who writes about weddings, including products like bachelorette party supplies.

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