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Indian Wedding and Diwali gifts

Wedding is the most important and vital event in someone's life. It not only consolidates two individuals but also two families together. Indian weddings are considered so pious that the importance and sanctity of the wedding institution can be seen during the wedding process, that how number of rituals are performed to accomplish this event. India is mainly known as a land of many religions and languages, various types of religions can be seen over here in India, in different religions marriages are performed differently though enthusiasm and excitement behind all the weddings is the same yet you can see the differences in rituals, ceremonies and traditions in different places of the nation. Many ceremonies are performed during Indian wedding as Tilak Ceremony, Sangeet Ceremony, Mehndi Ceremony, Var Mala Ceremony and so on. Indian wedding ceremonies are the most lavish affair too these days. Whether it is matter of feast, outfit or jewellery people want to make everything special and perfect for their memorable day and why not ? after all this is the special day of ones life which they want to keep in mind as sweet memories for the rest of their life.

Giving gifts is the main aspect of this event. Here not only bride and groom are given gfts during the wedding but guests too receive beautiful gifts along with invitation cards, when they are invited. Now a days there are so many gifting items are available in market for wedding ceremony. From sweets, dry fruits to normal routine life objects. Gifts show the affection of the gift givers. A carefully selected gift according to his or hers taste not only shows that how caring person you are but also describes how talented you are. These days not only gifts but packing of a gift also planned much because attractively packed gifts speaks much about itself. We all want that our gifts to be highly appreciated. Not only marriages but almost in every festival of the Indian culture comprises gift giving ritual .
Festivals like Diwali, Eid, Christmas seem incomplete without gift giving ritual. Diwali is normally five days festival and also known as festival of lights and sweets. Giving gifts for festivity like Diwali is quite interesting. Traditionally sweets and dry fruits are preferred to give but now a days huge variety of Diwali gifts are available in market. During the Diwali markets are flooded with different different gifts like sweets, chocolates, dry fuiits, crockries etc . people go and buy not only beautiful gifts but also look for attractive and pretty packaging for their pretty and cool gifts. Because we all know that attractively and beautifully packed gifts definitely give immense pleasure to receivers. So never forget and ignore the packaging of the gifts.

Baby Shower

Baby shower or God Bharai is a ritual which is followed in many parts of the country. Baby shower party is simply arranged for the expectant mother and mother is showered with lots of gifts. Mainly the party is baby centric, so giving gifts for the babies is main aspect. As per Indian tradition mainly baby showers are given for family's first child. This is basically women oriented event so traditionally women are invited only.

Baby shower is planned or given by someone very close of the expectant mother, whether this person could be hers best friend from college, a colleague from work, the next-door neighbor or hers sister, sister-in-law, mother, aunt, etc. The expectant mother is showered or given lots of gifts, relatives and friends bring gifts for her. Newly born babies are so little, soft and sweet so taking care of little one is quite challenging sometimes, so in order to make their life comfortable parents want to arrange every little and big thing for their little one even guests think the same, keeping in mind they bring gifts for newborn. Typically gifts are related to baby as it may be baby bottles, diapers, blankets, clothes and toys. Practical gifts can provide much help for new parents. Opening gifts during the party is very common. Gifts are opened after the ceremony done. But in many traditions only pregnant mother is showered with lots of gifts such as bangles, clothes, fruits- sweets and cash, her lap is filled with gifts. Gifts for the babies given only after his or hers arrival.

Your baby shower ceremony is the time when you meet all your friends and relatives and have fun together. This is the time of refreshment for everyone gathered over there, so playing music, doing dance and making little fun remain the main essence of the baby shower's bash. Playing games and guessing the gender of upcoming baby and creating names are the main topic of the function. All guests arrive in traditional clothes. The main attraction of the party the pregnant mother is dressed up with traditional series with jewelry and adorned with flowers. In many homes elderly woman of the family anoint the expectant mother with special oils and special pooja is performed before the ceremony start.

In different countries it is celebrated with different styles. As In Canada it is known as a complete women oriented ritual. In Bangladesh ceremony is celebrated on the 7th month of pregnancy after this the woman resides to her parent's house in their take care till the baby's birth. In china it is called Manyue. In Brazil it is known as Cha De Bebe (baby tea). Iranians call the baby shower a Sismoony Party which is celebrated in 1-3 months before baby's birth. Likewise Indians friends and relatives give gifts for baby. Americans call it Qarasung. They celebrate this 40 days after baby's arrival, and gifts are given for new born. You belong to whichever country and know it with any name the baby shower party is mainly dedicated to the expectant mother only.

Gifts show the affection of the gift givers. A carefully selected gift according to his or hers taste not only shows that how caring person you are but also describes how talented you are. Giving gifts for festivity like baby shower is quite thrilling and loving as there is huge variety available of baby related gifts. From Colorful toys, shoes clothes to blankets, feeder bottles, diapers can be given as gifts. Gifts always should be given keeping in mind that the given gift for the love one always be completely useful. Means gifts have to be according to need. We all want that our gifts always to be highly appreciated by the receiver. So excellence of a gift lies in its usefulness rather than its value.

The great art of giving consists in this- whether the gift is of less money but yet be greatly presented, so that it may be more highly appreciated. Attractively and beautifully packed gifts speak much about itself and they definitely give immense pleasure to receivers. So never forget and ignore the packaging of the gifts. A beautifully and neatly packed gift can give immense happiness to someone and light up his or hers face.

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