Baby Doll Reborn

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Talk shows, You Tube and the mainstream media has been highlighting the newest trend in dolls; reborns. These super life-like dolls are not only collectors items but are also being dressed, groomed and treated just like real babies.

The term reborn comes from the process that creates these dolls. A vinyl doll is taken, stripped down to its essentials and recreated layer by layer. Once the process is completed it is as though you have a baby doll reborn.

Paints giving the doll new skin color, veins and minute details on the lips, fingernails and face are applied and baked in layer by layer. The studio of a reborn artist can look very odd as there are doll body parts laying around in various stages of being painted, baked and other processes.

To make a baby doll reborn, the artist will apply the paints then attend to other details. The factory eyes are replaced with silicone or hand blown glass for ultimate realism. In the best reborns angora or real human hair is individually rooted into the scalp. Each hair is attached to the head of the doll by a needle making for most realistic feature of the dolls.

The various body parts like arms, torso and head are then stuffed or replaced with more life like material than vinyl. Sand, silicone beads and steel ball bearings are all added to the body to give the reborn a more realistic feeling when being held. Some have body parts replaced with materials and fabrics that feel more "squishy" like their stomachs so that they are more real to the touch.

The most high-end dolls go a step further and add state of the art technologies to make the baby doll reborn the most life like possible. Flexible materials can be used to make a simulated spine. Machines can also be inserted into the torso that cause the chest to rise and fall, simulating breathing. Some reborns even have small devices that mimic heartbeats!

All of these features combined with obsessive attention to detail make for one of kind dolls that are highly prized as collector's items. The best-made and designed baby doll reborn can go for thousands of dollars. For those on a limited budget quality reborns can be bought for much less.

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