Awake before it’s too late: Go Green Print Green

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Have you ever imagined how cruel we all are in causing damage to our own planet earth environment and when in turn it cause damage to us by natural disaster we keep poking and cry upon it. Today we want to enjoy the latest technologies but not at the cost of compromising on certain things. It is not that we are not aware on saving our planet from the adverse climatic changes or global warming by adopting the go green concepts or eco friendly concepts, but we are not willing to take the responsibility and pass it on the same to others. We are waiting for others to start and then a kick off from our side.

Eco friendly printing

Generally printing means it is a process for reproducing text and image, typically with ink on paper using a printing press. The process is often carried out as a large-scale industrial process, and is an essential part of publishing and transaction printing.
Many organizations are aware of its harmful practices towards the environment and thus they are coming forward in educating their own people and others as well on go green concepts. One of the most upcoming awareness being conducted is for eco friendly printing or green printing.

Eco friendly printing means you can save money on paper, ink, toner and maintenance costs by starting to print smart. The concept to be followed is, reduce, reuse, recycle, and renew. Go for an eco friendly printer. By using this printer you can save more.

Many of us print the document without taking into consideration whether printout is really needed or not. It is the most important thing for us to think before we hit the print button. And we should also, proof our document before we print it. Many reprints are due to detected spelling errors when we read the physical paper copy and some use to print for fun. Print only which is important and try to print on both sides of paper this will not only help us to save paper but also saves ink and energy. Try to use recycled papers the quality of print is as same as in fresh paper.Recycling of cartridges will help in saving, money and time. One the cheapest option available is refilling of cartridges.

Use ink's which are of soy based because they are free from toxic components which are generally high in petroleum based ink which are more harmful to the environment. This type of printing reduces carbon footprints and thus saves planet earth.

Try to keep your printer in off mode when there is no print work. This will not only save energy but will also help in reducing your electric bills and long life span for your printer.

Today, eco friendly printing is a movement where many companies small or big are following this trend and are making others too to follow the same trend in much better way.

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