Avaya Maintenance: What to Look For When Choosing a Partner

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When in need of Ayava maintenance, you should search for a partner who is easy to reach and responsive, has the advanced technical knowledge required to support such a system, and who can tailor its support to your business.

Avaya is a leader in the telecommunications industry, known for superior attributes that facilitate the advanced communication needs for a variety of business both large and small. However, it is not a system without its flaws. All telecommunications systems have their bugs and Avaya is no exception. Avaya offers their own customer support, and while sufficient for some, many companies prefer to work with a partner whose specializes in Avaya maintenance. This singular focus means you get all the expertise you require with a focus on customer service. (For example, rather than visit the BMW dealer, many prefer the services of their trusted mechanic.) When in need of Ayava maintenance you should search for a partner who is easy to reach and responsive, has the advanced technical knowledge required to support such a system, and who can tailor its support to your business.

It is imperative that when you need support, you can get it - anytime, day or night. Waiting on hold, being routed in circles, or being sent to voicemail is a waste of both time and energy (not to mention money!). You need a responsive partner who will provide live assistance to answer your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Particularly in in a moment of crisis, you may not have time to thumb through a directory of who to call for what challenge. It is possible to find a support partner who can provide a wide range of services, but offers a single point of contact. One phone number should be all it takes to get the live support you need. There is nothing more frustrating than a customer service representative who doesn't have the knowledge or resources to support you. Avaya, like most telecommunications systems, is quite advanced and requires an extensive technical "know how" to maintain and/or repair. Your Avaya maintenance team must include people with the industry skills necessary—from administrative support to network infrastructure engineers—to provide expert assistance in a timely manner. For companies using a less sophisticated telecommunications system, the "break-fix" response may be adequate. However, Avaya maintenance and support requires a more flexible approach. Avaya's maintenance and many competitors only offer a very small selection of pre-packaged deals. Such a lack of flexibility often leads to customers paying for options they neither want nor need. If you have no need for remote management services for example, then you shouldn't have to pay for it. Conversely, if type of service is necessary for your business you should be able to add it on, without paying for extras bundled in. You should choose a partner that can mix and match your support options to meet your exact needs. Finally, you'll want to ensure your Avaya maintenance is scalable. If you have a flexible partner, as your business changes, you can change the level or type of support you need. CrossNet Maintenance by Cross Telecom is the only Avaya maintenance provider that fits the bill for responsive, expert support, tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. It is Cross' mission to deliver a customer experience based on integrity, honesty, and customer excellence. Access to a single 1-800 number is all you need for live support and timely resolution. Cross has direct contracted access to Avaya's backbone engineering allowing immediate access when manufacturer support is required. A combination of Cross service supported by Avaya on the back end is a winning combination. A superior communications system requires superior support. If you are searching for an Avaya maintenance partner, look no further than CrossNet Maintenance.

For award winning customer service, contact Cross Telecom to meet your Avaya maintenance and Avaya support needs.

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