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Today’s architect realm is not just limited to drafting and design but also spans to layout, construction and the lighting areas. There are various architectural firms in the market that offer architectural drafting services like architectural drafting, structural drafting, MEP drafting, CAD conversion, sketch up, modeling, and BIM. Along with these services, they also provide visualization services to the clients, which help them to see the image of the structure before construction. Before the induction of CAD, architectural drafting was a hard-nosed job and time-consuming work. However, with the technological advancement, architectural drafting has been improved and become easy. The computer has made the architectural drafting more effective and efficient than before.
Before constructing a building, a plan is implanted on the paper considering all dimensions, geographical directions, and measurements that is called architectural drafting and design. The professional architects and draughtsman draw a blue print presenting all the details of a structure known as draft. Earlier this work used to be done manually with the assistance of the tools like scales, triangle, pencil, and many more. Now, the CAD drafting has made the job easier, it lays computer-generated designs, which are easy to study. The advanced tech tools assist engineers and architects to overview in 3D format, which was not possible through paper drafting. CAD designs are more precise, detailed, and effective. Architectural drafting and design includes code analysis, elevator plans, exterior details, floor plans & roof plan, section details & plan details, site plan & details, window & door details, stair plans, sections & details, and many more. Architectural drafting services providers hire professional like architects, civil engineers, 3D modelers, and visual artists who convert the building’s draft into a live structure.

Structural drafting is a procedure of converting building design sketches encompassing calculations and structure into a graphic detailed drawing. In other words, it is a way of developing precise structural drawings of building according to the certain specifications. Structural drafting gives every dimensional specification about the structure to the engineers, architects, and builders and what type of material will be used in the certain parts of the structure. The structure drafting includes dimensioning, structural design, comprehensive description of drawing symbols and drawings of concrete and steel structures. The Structural drafting is designing of structures such as height, function, foundation, floor, and wall of a building. The advanced CAD software such as AutoCAD, StruCADD, and Revit have made drafters job easy than before. This software helps them to make a detailed sketch on computers with more specification than any other hand made drawing. These tools help to create geometric model that not only evaluate the effects but finds out drawback of designs.

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