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Auto recycling has become a popular avenue for the safe disposal of auto items globally. It has become quite a lucrative business as it serves a growing market of individuals who want low priced vehicles or parts. An individual's experience with auto recycling may vary depending on the state in which business is conducted. The following guide is based on Auto Recycling in Kentucky-What you need to know and how you can make your venture a successful one.
Kentucky Recycling Laws
The legislation surrounding recycled auto parts is important information for clients and dealers alike to access. For those interested in recycling vehicles in the state of Kentucky, it is important to note that vehicles that have been restored after undergoing damage and being written off by insurance companies will have titles branded salvage. This could have serious implications for future insurance attempts and as such is a critical piece of information.
Additionally, according to Kentucky state laws, owners of vehicles that are declared junk or unrebuildable but are still restored may be required by law to declare the vehicles status in writing on the driver's side door of the vehicle. The required inscription is 'Rebuilt Vehicle-May not be eligible for Title in All States'.

Void Sale
Recycled vehicles sale agreements in Kentucky may be legally declared void if the dealer fails to declare the vehicle's status. This declaration must be acknowledged by the purchaser and proof of the acknowledgement of the declaration (often in writing) must be procured.
Wherever auto recycling bargains are being accessed, the potential client should always ensure that the dealer is certified or registered. This safeguards the interest of the client. Clients should look out for umbrella bodies or organizations that monitor the operations of a number of dealers. One such organization for auto recycling in Kentucky is KATRA. KATRA which is an acronym for Kentucky Auto and Truck Recyclers association is a valuable source for information regarding the dos and don'ts of auto recycling in Kentucky. This organization boasts a membership of over 100 facilities and a client base of over 50,000 customers.
Persons who are interested in starting auto recycling plants or purchasing recycled auto items would be wise to consult this organization.

They may be contacted at their physical location in Frankfort Kentucky or through their online portal.
Auto recycling in Kentucky can be successful and profitable if these factors are borne in mind.

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