prtt75's Articles en-us Treat Dry Skin with Shea Butter Dry and itchy skin is not only irritating, but it is more especially annoying! It can make you feel nervous as well, while at the very same time cause your skin to appear red, flaky and scaly. So, is there anything that can be done in order to help treat ... 09th July 2012 Keep Your Skin Hydrated Healthy and Beautiful The benefits of keeping your skin hydrated are plentiful. You will remain younger looking, and your skin will have a healthy glow, and responsive new skin cell growth. With hydration your skin has the nourishment to combat the effects of aging, and pollut... 25th June 2012 Choosing the Best Skin Care Products for Your Type of Skin Skin care has been a challenge among the many of us today. Perhaps you are a teen-ager concerned about the way how your skin will look for your prom, or an adult that is trying to get rid of wrinkles, caring for your skin is so important. The secret her... 15th August 2011 Using Milk as Face Cleanser It has been discovered that too much use of chemical based ingredients could sometimes harm our skin and can make it age faster when we stop using them. This kind of result shows that these products effect on our skin is only temporary. When using a nat... 20th July 2011 Sensitive Skin Care Management-a Caring for sensitive skin has to adhere to certain rules. However, before we discuss each of these rules for sensitive skin management, it would be very beneficial to know what you mean by sensitive skin. Sensitive skin is a skin condition that can... 07th June 2011 Organic Beauty Products For a Healthier Skin Today people are discovering a lot more reasons why they should switch to organic beauty products when it coms to choosing their skin care regimen. One great cause is that organic beauty products bring more benefits to our skin. We all know that whatever... 15th April 2011 Organic Anti Aging Skin Care Products Do you ever wonder what are those anti aging products have on them? We see these anti aging products on TV and we may become overwhelmed with the ingredients that they have. If you are using these anti aging products, Iím assuming that you were also caugh... 09th March 2011 Why Organic Beauty Products Are the Best Products for Your Skin? Organic and natural beauty products make use of natural ingredients, instead of chemicals. Some of these natural ingredients used to produce these skin care products include but are not limited to fruit enzymes, honey, oils and other plant and natural ba... 25th February 2011 Sensitive Skin Care Management Sensitive skin care management has to follow certain rules. Nevertheless, before going deep into those particular rules for the sensitive skin, it is good to know what is meant by a sensitive skin. Sensitive skin is actually the one which cannot at all be... 01st February 2011 Eye Gel and Eye Cream: Two Great Ways to Cure Skin Problems Around the Eyes There are numerous skin care products which are available in the market nowadays. You may know a few of these while you may be totally unaware of the others. Eye gels and eye creams are two particular skin care products which are used for the skin around ... 24th January 2011 Tips to Improve Your Skin with Toning Techniques Successfully toning your skin depends on your normal skin care system and the reaction of your skin to toning product. If your skin is oily the use of toner probably gives you a fresh, clean feeling; by contrast if you have dry skin, a toner may have left... 26th October 2010 What is in Those Anti Aging Skin Care Products? Women of all ages spend millions every year on the skin care products of the world. These women are aging, and want to fight just a little longer to hold onto the youthful image in our minds versus the reflection in the mirror. Women in their twenties are... 20th October 2010 Treating Facial Redness and Blemishes for Healthy Looking Skin Beautiful skin begins with healthy skin, and healthy skin must be treated carefully to prevent redness and blemishes. For women who are already suffering from redness and blemishes on their face, this can be treated as effectively as clear skin. The probl... 13th October 2010 Different Ways for Anti Aging Skin Care There are many different products that you can use to prevent the early occurrence of aging skin. Among them are the natural skin care products which are found to be the safest and most effective to be used every day as they don't contain harsh ingredien... 09th December 2009