Govind Kumar's Articles en-us Astro Meteorology affected by Climate Change Successive draughts, intense cold climate and floods have ravaged Bolivia. Let us hope that Kerala will not go the way of Bolivia ! That Bolivia is going towards a major Food Crisis has been highlighted by the Food and Agricultural Organisation of UN... 13th December 2010 Climate Change, triggered by Global Warming good for Kerala Kerala coconut production will increase by 30% and sardines will be more during the South West Monsoon season and mackarels will be more during the months in between October and March ! Libra rains are proving destructive in Kerala. The North East Mons... 08th December 2010 The Rainy solar Transits or Njattuvelas The Sun entered the first degree of Sidereal Libra, thus heralding the North East Monsoon or Thula Varsham, as per Astro Meteorology. This is the Retreating Monsoon. Coming as a depression from the Bay of Bengal, it takes the moisture laden winds and t... 08th December 2010 Global Warming affects Sea Life There was a CMFRI ( Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute of India ) report that Global Warming affects fish production. Co2 emissions are more. The Carbon Dioxide combines with ocean water and forms Carbolic Acid. This increases the acidity l... 08th December 2010 Mercury, the winged Messenger of Heaven ! Mercury is one of the most important planets. He is benefic, if associated by benefics and malefic if associated by malefics. He is that aspect of us which knows. He is called Budha, the discriminative intellect. Mercury in Grecian Mythology is Hermes,... 15th October 2010 Water Conservation Technologies Rainwater Harvesting and Drip Irrigation Technologies are the solution to the water problem. By 2013, 32 nations will be facing acute water shortage. Water conservation is extremely important and the above mentioned are water conservation technologies.... 07th July 2010 Rainfall Cycles Saturn in Virgo has created a draught like situation, even in water rich Kerala. Green Kerala is beautiful because of the heavy rainfalls and looks gorgeous in June/July, when the Rain gods favour her. It has not rained for the last two days. Rains ar... 03rd June 2010 Biodynamics and Permaculture BioDynamics Biodynamics is part of Anthroposophy, the system developed by Rudolf Steiner. According to this method of Organic Farming, all farms are individual organisms. BD emphasises balancing the interrelationship of plants, animals, soil etc with ... 03rd June 2010 The Arts of Kerala Kerala, with its rich background of art & culture, has its own art forms which symbolises the outlook & life of Keralites. From the famous Kathakali, which is considered as the complete art form as it synthesis all that is best in the fields of dram... 29th March 2010 The potential of India's food processing industry As per the latest updates ( Nov 2009 ), the Indian food market is estimated at $182 billion. According ot McKinsey and Co, the retail food market is estimated at $70 b and may grow to $150 b in the next fifteen years and the world retail food market w... 08th February 2010 The Kerala perspective about ASEAN FTA ! Why does Kerala dread the Indo-Asean FTA ? Reasons are many. Kerala Govt had asked the Centre to put 1400 items under the Negative List. Only 489 items have been now included in the Negative List. The import tax on Kerala's products like coffee, tea... 18th August 2009 India signs Asean FTA ! Yesterday the Indo- Asean FTA was signed. Let us see how bilateral trade will fare ! It is bound to shoot up. We feel that Kerala's fears will be unfounded, as India gets access to ASEAN markets. India is leading in IT, BT, NT and other services. In... 18th August 2009 India, Pak lose in warm up match ! What a great start, preparatory to the World Cup. Last year's finalists losing their games. Pak was trounced by formidable SA and India by NZ. It is obvious that World Cup 2009 will be different from WC 2007 ! There were allegations that Aussies we... 01st July 2009 How Jupiter's Transit of Capricorn Will Affect You? Jupiter's Transit of Capricorn (Jupiter enters Capricorn on Dec 9 and will stay there for 361 days, which is known as a Jupiterian Year or a Barhaspathya in Sanskrit ) Moon Sign or Lunar Ascendant - The Zodiacal Sign where Moon is posited ... 01st July 2009 A poem, " Forgive me, my Lord " Devi Sooktam or Durga Saptashathi is a major philosophical text. It is called Sapta Shati because it contains 700 verses like another colossus, the Song Celestial ( Bhagavat Geetha ). The devotee asks for forgiveness. He says I know not Philosophy or... 01st July 2009 Adverse Jupiter hits Stock Markets; creates Food Crisis ! Is 2009, the beginning of the Second Depression ? And will it last 4 years ? Well, global economy is like a patient in the ICU ! It may collapse at any moment ! Jupiter, the financial planet, becomes debilitated on Dec 9th. Indications that the Glob... 01st July 2009 Can India Retain the Crown ? In an incredible display of power batting, R Sharma and Gauti put on 140 runs for the first wicket off 16 overs and India won the match effortlessly. Sharma scored 80 off 53 balls and Gambhir 52 off 47. In this warm up match, Praveen Kumar got an early... 01st July 2009 Deflation is more dangerous than Inflation ! Economics is a simple science which is too complicated, said Churchill. This statement is proved true today, with conflicting reports about inflation and deflation. Inflation is measured using the WPI ( Whole Sale Price Index ). When inflation becom... 01st July 2009 The secret of the Ninefold Deity The Ninefold Deity is the Mother Divine in her nine aspects. She is the Sacred Feminine of Gnosticism, the Maya of Vedanta, the Prakriti of Sankhya and the Shakti of Tantra. She is the beginingless Ignorance or Nescience ( Avidya ), which binds man to... 06th June 2009 Deccan Chargers, the new IPL Champions ! What a start to the IPL Final ! Gilchrist bowled by Kumble for a duck ! By the third ball of the match ! Kumble coming on to bowl the first over, knowing that it is Gillie who is facing him ! Now Deccan Chargers are now 45/2 off 7 overs. Gibbs and Symo... 06th June 2009 Glorious win for Bangalore What a glorious win for Bangalore ! They beat Chennai by 6 wickets, 7 balls remaining. For Chennai, Hayden and P Patel started well, putting on 61 runs for the first wicket. In a blistering 36 off 27 balls, P Patel almost took the game away from Ban... 06th June 2009 A Hymn to the Mother Divine To elevate our Consciousness, Sankara wrote a Hymn to the Divine Mother, the Raja Rajeshwari Ashtakam. This octet is good and can make our Kundalini rise ! Ambaa shaambhavi chandramaulir abalaa.aparnaa umaa paarvathi KaaLii haimavatii shivaa trinaya... 06th June 2009 Thesis and Antithesis regarding Indian Cricket Favourites Team India arrived in England. Gautam Gambhir has warned about complacency creeping into the Indian team. Anything can happen in T20. One player can change the game. See the way Gilchrist's innings of 85 off 35 balls devastated the oppositi... 06th June 2009 Mars, the Martial Commander of Heaven Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun. This is the very powerful Red Planet ( because of the presence of iron oxide present on its surface). Mars resembles the earth in many respects, particularly in its sidereal periods and seasonal cycles. Of all pl... 06th June 2009 India bank on all rounders ! With an explosive batting line up, some effective bowlers and some world class players to boot, India should be able to defend the World Cup title, feels Sachin Tendulkar. Speaking to newspaper reporters in Singapore, Sachin said India is one of the bes... 06th June 2009 An Octet to the Formless The poet Tulsi Das wrote Rudrashtakam, an octet to the Formless. This octet is very good and I had experienced my Kundalini rising, as I pondered on its meaning. "The Internet is the best place to talk about God", said Pope Benedict XVI. Sacred Music ... 01st June 2009 Let us strive for Enlightenment Let us strive for Enlightenment The mere theoretical statement that we are potentially divine does not save us from the problems of life., when Life's problems overwhelm us! There was a student who learnt Vedanta, the Science of Being and d... 01st June 2009 The secret of the Ninefold Deity The secret of the Ninefold Deity The Ninefold Deity is the Mother Divine in her nine aspects. She is the Sacred Feminine of Gnosticism, the Maya of Vedanta, the Prakriti of Sankhya and the Shakti of Tantra. She is the beginingless Ignora... 01st June 2009 Musica Universalis or Music of the Spheres The Law of Universal Order, the doctrine that there is Law behind the order of the Universe was echoed by Shakespeare." That the heavens themselves, the planets and the spheres observe proportion, ratio and Order" The Music of the Spheres is a philoso... 18th May 2009 Jupiter , the divine planet of Wisdom Jupiter is the greatest benefic in the astrological hierarchy. He is the biggest planet in the solar system. He is a whirling mass of Hydrogen and Helium and is the fifth planet in the solar system. He is gaseous giant, like Saturn, Uranus and Neptune... 18th May 2009 Love, the essence of the Universe Love is the greatest dictum True Universal Teacher is She ! Love is the greatest Meditation Celestial Deity great is Love ! All Epics & Poesis symbolise Love The essence of the Vedas is She ! All poems extoll Love Love is praised by all Ethics... 14th May 2009 Sri Yantra, the Holographic Universe ! From the central dot, the Bindu, symbolic of the Absolute Self, rises the holographic universe.Sri Yantra is a Master Plan of Manifestation. The digits 15 and 16, called Pancha Dasa and Shodasadasa have sacred significance in Sacred Geometry. When... 14th May 2009 An Octet to the Lord ! Can Sacred Music activate the Kundalini ? The answer is Yes ! Listening to Sacred Music and becoming aware of its meaning can transport us to celestial heights. I have been hearing this Sacred Music lately ( and I have put a lot of Music videos on my s... 14th May 2009 An Octet to the Nourishing Mother ! It is Cosmic Creative Intelligence, which is relatively Absolute and absolutely relative, which sustains the universe. The entire Cosmos is Her play and display ( Chit Vilasa Prapanchoyam ). Annapoorna Ishwari is the Nourishing aspect of the Mother Di... 14th May 2009 Love and Truth takes birth ! Universal Love took birth in Puttaparthi. To shower Grace on all humanity ! In the Divina Commedia Beatrice criticises Dante for following Philosophy and not Religion. There are Thesis and Anti Thesis in Philosophy. There are doctrines which are antith... 01st May 2009 The Eightfold Prosperity ( contd ) We have said that Prosperity does not mean mere wealth, but is wealth accompanied by Bliss and happiness. The Mother Divine can give eighteen types of wealth like Wisdom Health Happiness Longevity Fame Knowledge Courage VIctory Famous childr... 01st May 2009 The Song of the Overself The Song of the Overself Who am I ? This is the question mankind has been asking from times immemmorial. Am I the body-mind-intellect complex ? Have I any reality beyond the senses five ? Is there a God ? Is there a God outside ? Or is He inside ... 01st May 2009 Spiritual Tourism III - Heavens on Earth Unknown Spiritual Spots - Tirunelli - A mystic journey When TV people were talking about Kerala as an alternative tourist spot to the disturbed areas of Lanka and Kashmir, I was remi... 22nd April 2009 Spiritual Tourism IV - Heavens on Earth The Mystic Village that is Maitreyi The ancient Seer-Poets of India communed with Nature, communed with the Infinite and their collective wisdom came to be known as the Vedas. It is said that the Vedas are Sruthi, that is th... 22nd April 2009 The Sidereal Transit of Saturn II Moon Sign Capricorn - Saturn is extremely malefic in the 8th. All sorts of impediments and obstacles crop up in your path. Melancholy marks you for her own during this dark phase .Misunderstandings with loved ones. Enemy trouble indicated. You are forewa... 22nd April 2009 The Sidereal Transit of Jupiter II How Jupiter's Transit of Sagittarius Will Affect You? Jupiter's Transit of Sagittarius (Jupiter entered Sagittarius on Nov 21 and will stay there for 361 days, which is known as a Jupiterian Year or a Barhaspathya in Sanskrit ) Moon S... 22nd April 2009 The Fivefold Elemental Therapy I The Fivefold Elemental Therapy is called Pancha Bhootopasana. Panch Bhootas are the Five Great Elements, Ether, Air. Fire, Water and Earth. All the Five Great Elements are the Five Doctors, as per the principle "Annam Brahma". Ether Therapy is cal... 22nd April 2009