Victor James's Articles en-us What are you missing out on by not conference calling? In recent years, companies have realised the need for worldwide expansion. Thanks to breakthroughs in communication technology, the task of dealing with employees, clients, and customers from all over the globe has become much easier. Teleconferencing has... 10th October 2011 What are Alpha Numeric Telephone Numbers? If you have ever visited the US or have some familiarity with the US popular culture, you would have realised that the US system for marketing telephone numbers for businesses is hugely different from that in UK. The inclination for alpha numeric numbers ... 05th January 2011 Ease of Dial In Do Not Disturb Your inbound service team members may be part of various hunt groups or queues. If a team member wishes to log in and out of a particular Hunt Group or a Queue without going through the eConsole call management system, he or she can do so by dialling a To... 02nd June 2010 Call Hunting Using Hunt Groups Hunt Groups are one of the most powerful features of the call management system, eConsole. By using hunt groups, users can route all the incoming calls to any destination number that they wish, to fixed land lines and mobiles phones within the country or ... 14th May 2010 Custom Announcements for Inbound Callers When a customer calls your inbound service number, the way the call is answered plays an important role in determining what sort of an image is created in the mind of the customer. If there are inordinate delays and busy tones when a customer tries to rea... 14th May 2010 Outbound Calls through Remote Access Usually, when you purchase a Non Geographic Number for your business, the main functionality that you look for is the inbound call routing. But Numbertalk customers have the ability to make outbound calls also through the eConsole as this is useful in man... 14th May 2010 About 03 Numbers Many people will be familiar with business numbers beginning in 0845, which are non-geographic and charged at a local rate, or alternatively 0870, which indicates that the charge will be made at the national rate, but there may be less of an understanding... 04th May 2010