stalker's Articles en-us 5 innovative Ideas to steal from Singapore to develop every city Singapore is an Island state in the southern Malaysia with stifling climate and multi-cultured people. Singapore is one of the most liveable and reasonably thriving cities in the world, with a GDP equaling to the foremost European countries. Singapore... 08th May 2020 Best Top 10 Male Tennis Players of All Time 10. Jimmy Connors Jimmy Connors was born on September 2, 1952 in East St. Louis, Illinois. He is an American World No.1 tennis player earlier. He holds World No.1 rank for about 160 successive weeks from July 29, 1974 to August 22. Grand Slam Single... 08th May 2020 Worst Natural Disasters around the World in History 1. 1931 China Floods The 1931 central china floods were a series of floods. Rose in the Republic of China. These floods are recorded as most deadly natural disasters in the world. Approximately the number of deaths happened ranges from 145,000 to 4 mi... 08th May 2020 10 Things about Sundar Pichai - CEO of Google’s Alphabet Indian born Sundarajan Pichai, eminently known as Sundar Pichai is appointed as the CEO of Google’s Alphabet. Larry Page, co-founder and CEO of Google has announced about the formation of new firm “Alphabet” on August 10, 2015. Google co-founder Larry Pag... 08th May 2020 Top 10 Scariest Bridges in the World 1. Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado, USA. One can take a gentle sky high ramble or sensational scenic drive across the Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado in the United States. Royal Gorge Bridge is situated 321 m above the ground and an amazing 384 m across t... 08th May 2020 Top 10 Most Famous Accidental Discoveries You know some of the most popular things what we are using now are discovered accidentally, without knowing that these things may get more popular in future. For example from crispy potato chips to life saving Penicillin. There are many discoveries hel... 08th May 2020 This Body Language Signals Tells a Man is Really Interested in you You can’t read his mind, but you are capable to find body language signs a guy is interested in you, which is pretty efficient. This body language signals helps you to discover whether he is really interested in you or not, if any guy flirting with you. ... 08th May 2020 10 Most Amazing Random and Interesting Facts 1. Elephants are terrified of Bees and actually have a special, distinct vocalization for “Run away the Bees are angry”. 2. Norway gets 98-99% of its electricity from hydroelectric power, more than any other country. 3. There are 30 milli... 08th May 2020 History of ICC cricket world cup from 1975 to 2015 The Men's Cricket World Cup was first held in 1975 as a 60 over game with six balls per over. The first world cup event was hosted by England the only nation able to put forward the resources to stage an event of such magnitude. The first three world c... 08th May 2020 Dangerous Food Combinations - Should Avoid Eating junk food is harmful and leads to many health risks, we all know this thing but still we are stuffing. Not only the junk food, but also some healthy foods combinations lead to health problems. You should get awareness on the bad food combinatio... 08th May 2020 Must have Traditional Foods of Indian States Must have Traditional Foods of 5 Indian States. Here is the list of some Traditional foods of 5 Indian states, must have, local dishes inhabitant to the 5 Indian states. 1. Andhra Pradesh GONGURA PACHADI Gongura Pachadi is a delicious and spic... 08th May 2020 Top 10 Inspirational Quotes by A.P.J Abdul Kalam Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam known as the Missile Man of India, Kalam is the most famous scientist in the field of aerospace, his contribution towards missiles makes India great recognition in the world. Here are the powerful inspirational quotes by Abdul Kal... 08th May 2020 Unbelievable stories of 10 Things invented by accident 1. Airbag Airbag was invented by John Hetrick in 1952, he was an industrial Engineer. Once he avoided a Road accident in the last minute and which allowed him to think on preventive measures of road accident. After avoiding the accident he continued h... 08th May 2020