Anil's Articles en-us Easy And Useful Body Care Tips Your body is your temple and as youll keep your temple premises clean, the same goes for your body too. A dirty body is the house of a numerous health issues. You face skin and hair problems and also internally suffer from a lot of diseases. Obviously ne... 04th July 2012 Choosing The Right Foundation For a Beautiful Face Every woman in the quest of a flawless, radiant and glowing skin, keeps a bottle or two of foundation in her makeup kitty. But the question is are you choosing the right formulation, are you getting that mush coverage you desired for, is your makeup looki... 18th June 2012 SIMPLE MAKEUP TIPS TO LOOK BEAUTIFUL Our look is incomplete without makeup. It enhances our features and corrects our flaws helping us to look beautiful. Im sure you all know how to do your makeup and which makeup will make you look your best. Here well give you some very simple makeup tip... 08th June 2012 Elegance Recommendations for oily Hair Although the problem of oily hair is due to the over-active oil (sebaceous) glands, create up of dirt and contaminants can also create the hair look oily. Oily hair needs medical care and ongoing washing, because dirt and dirt stick to the hair very ea... 25th May 2012