Mark Palmer's Articles en-us Eight Points to Consider When Moving to the Cloud There is a common misconception that all cloud services are the same. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as like any service, there are a good providers and there are bad providers. Before committing themselves to a cloud service provider, businesse... 16th July 2012 10 Questions To Ask a Network Provider In the modern business world, round the clock access to corporate resources is essential, be it from home, office or on the road. Managing complex networks can be complicated, but an experienced managed network provider will ensure a seamless network conn... 14th February 2012 Reducing Telephony Costs in Multi-Sited Businesses Businesses that operate on multiple sites could potentially be overspending on their telephony. Traditional, on-site telephone systems can prove costly due to the installation itself and maintenance of the hardware. However, a hosted telephony service sig... 06th February 2012