Suhaina Mazhar's Articles en-us Actor Aamir Khan - The Perfectionist Only a few actors and actresses in Indian cinema industry could actually acquire the title of a perfectionist, but this specific gentleman coming from Mumbai, India has received the name for himself. He is a multi-talented human being, a film producer, ... 02nd February 2012 Priyanka Chopra - The Supreme Actress! Born in the steel city of India, this vibrant school girls' mom and dad happen to be both medical professionals. It absolutely was in no way predicted that she would probably carry on to be one of the greatest actresses and one of the most encouraging new... 02nd February 2012 Manorama And the Legacy This Lady Has Developed Around The Year Manorama came into this world as Gopishanta in a modest city in Tamil Nadu, India. She was born in a very poor household and had to take up some job at a very young age. She did lastly land a job as the theatre performer. She was very good at her job and ... 02nd February 2012