StuMitchellmw's Articles en-us Invaluable Uses of Fast Ethernet The following is an article that explores the potential (and frequently realised) uses of Fast Ethernet in both the personal sphere and that of business. Strictly speaking Fast Ethernet is a term that is applied to Ethernet connections with a rate of 1... 24th October 2012 Five reasons for Small Businesses to Switch to VoIP VoIP, or Voice over internet Protocol to give it its full title, is a concept at the vanguard of the telecommunications industry which, if you havenít already heard about, will become an increasingly familiar part of all our lives in the near future. But... 09th February 2012 2010 Divorce Rates and Longer Term Trends On 8th December, the Office of National Statistics (ONS) released the latest figures on divorces taking place in 2010. Having recently written about the trends over recent years, and what this tells us about the health of marriage as an institution, it i... 01st February 2012