Connie Hammer's Articles en-us Are Certain Behaviors Keeping Your Child with Autism Stuck? Do all of your child’s behaviors make sense? Most likely they do not, especially if your child has an Autism Spectrum Disorder. The neural pathways in the brain of a child with Autism are wired differently causing him or her to respond in ways that may be... 09th October 2012 Helping Your Child With Autism Cope With School Anxiety Do you really know how your child feels about going back to school this year? Maybe last year was a positive experience but can you really assume this will be another carbon copy? Many children, even those without an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), can ha... 29th August 2012 A Dad's Perspective on The Journey With Autism and What We Can Do to Help Dads come in all shapes and sizes, personalities and temperaments, just like moms. Both mothers and fathers have dreams for their children that begin even before conception. Once a person discovers they are to become a parent, ideas form of how things wil... 09th July 2012 A Diagnosis of Autism: Making Adjustments to Manage Feelings of Loss and Grief Having a child with a disability is every parent's nightmare. Once you have heard the words, "Your child has Autism." the disappointment, anger and the feeling of isolation can leave you in shock. How long you remain there will be determined by how well y... 11th June 2012 Responding to Difficult Behaviors With a Different Approach to Time Out All children want to be good and please their caretakers. Young children don't PLAN to misbehave or fall apart. When a child has an emotional meltdown it signals they are having trouble controlling their emotions, especially when the demands of the enviro... 25th May 2012 Am I Spoiling My Child With Autism or Pushing Too Much? We all want to be confident that we are doing our best as parents but confidence can be difficult to maintain when our well intentioned friends and relatives sometimes judge us to be too demanding or too indulging where our children are concerned. Their d... 02nd May 2012 A Successful Transition to Adulthood for My Child With Autism All parents worry about their child's future. Many of us wonder what our children will be like when they grow up. Will they go to college, join the military, find a good job and be financially independent? Will they have healthy relationships and become p... 14th March 2012