Shannon Miller's Articles en-us Fun and Healthy Lunchbox Ideas Trying to come up with creative and healthy lunchbox ideas for your child to take to school can become a chore. Kids can be very picky and aren't always willing to try something different. Our job as parents is to try and introduce them to healthy but... 30th January 2012 Keep the Yummy Stuff in Your Diet My philosophy on staying healthy is to keep everything in balance. Have a slice of pizza, don't eat the whole pie. Have a brownie; just don't eat the whole pan. You have to enjoy life and enjoy food. If you start making certain food or ... 30th January 2012 Fiber CAN taste good! We know that a diet high in fiber is important to our health. Having enough fiber in your diet can actually lower your risk for heart disease and overall really improve your health. Often, we tend to think of a fiber-enriched diet as bland, loaded ... 30th January 2012