Toby Ferenczi's Articles en-us Common Solar Myths Explained As the popularity of home solar power installation grows, certain myths have arisen, regarding the safety, efficiency and the investment potential of solar panels. Luckily, these myths are mostly groundless, perpetuated by those who have a vested interest... 18th May 2012 How monitoring solar energy consumption can maximise savings In this ever more energy efficient era, people are increasingly looking at ways of saving energy in their homes. Good insulation, A-rated appliances and the well known energy saving tips are great for reducing fuel bills and reducing the carbon footprint ... 28th March 2012 Types of Solar panels As solar technology improves, more and more eco-conscious people are investing in this green way of producing electricity. As solar energy is produced directly from the sun, home owners can provide the electricity for their own home, and even make a profi... 15th February 2012