vibhutiseo's Articles en-us Know more about Photography and Photography Facts The word photograph comes from two Greek words - photos meaning light and graphein meaning to draw .Photography fulfils a large number of purposes. For many it is used to capture moments and scenes that they wish to remember, and photographs produce famil... 12th November 2011 Meaning of photography and facts about photography Photography is an Art and an artist is all about expression and you cannot articulate effectively if you donít know the basics of the language of that art. Whether itís a Black white image, Art photos, Black white images, Fine art photography, Landscape p... 11th November 2011 Fine Art Photography by award winning photographer Enthusiasts say that art photography is a perfect blend of art and science and an accomplished mode to communicate your feelings, thoughts and emotions to the global fraternity. A person who has a sound desire to be the master of this art should first lea... 14th October 2011