Thomas Franks's Articles en-us 2012 Republican Presidential Candidates Who Is Going to Win the Nomination The 2012 Republican presidential candidates are gearing up for the Republican primaries in early 2012. It will not be too much longer before we all know who is going to oppose Barack Obama for the 2012 Presidential election. Many candidates have thrown ... 26th September 2011 Conservative Magazines - Finding Alternatives Sources Of Information Conservative magazines are increasing in popularity as many people are frustrated with traditional media sources. It seems like many news stations are spending more time discussing celebrities than addressing real issues in our country. They are tired ... 19th September 2011 Conservatives for Michelle Bachmann What Does She Believe Conservatives for Michelle Bachmann are hoping that she can win the presidential nomination for the GOP in 2012. Based on the recent polling numbers, it looks like she has a good chance to become the Republican nominee. Most people are just now learning... 05th September 2011 Obama Approval Rating Numbers Do The Republicans Have a Chance to Win In 2012 The latest Obama approval rating numbers show that President Obama has an approval rating of 49 percent. His approval ratings have fluctuated up and down over the last year, and it is hard to get a gauge of his popularity in the country. It seems that h... 15th August 2011 Christian Employment Opportunities Great Ideas For Finding a Christian Job Are you looking for Christian employment opportunities? If you are having a hard time finding a job, I can understand exactly how you feel. There are many people who are having trouble finding work today. The economy is still not generating jobs, and p... 25th July 2011 Weekly Jobless Claims Why Are We Not Seeing Any Major Improvements The weekly jobless claims report is a measurement of how many people have filed for unemployment benefits. It is one of the key indicators of the health of the United States economy. Lower numbers in this report indicate an improving job market, and hi... 22nd June 2011 News Around The World Today These Are The Best Sites To Find News There are many people looking for news around the world today. As the information age continues to expand, there are many people who are looking for other ways to get the news. The mainstream American media does not always cover all of the world events,... 22nd June 2011