sam lowe's Articles en-us Simple Outdoor Game for Groups of Children With the summer brings many opportunities for playgroups, nurseries, play schemes, primary schools and large family groups to get their groups of children out into the warm sunny great outdoors. Now that winter is well and truly behind us, there is no nee... 22nd June 2010 Scottish Celebrations for Burns Night and St Andrew’s Night Around the world, people take the opportunity to celebrate Scottish music and culture in these events as well as enjoy traditional Scottish food. St Andrew's Night St. Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland, and St Andrew's Day is celebrated on the... 21st June 2010 100 Years of Elizabeth Arden Elizabeth Arden cosmetics have long been a staple of the fashion industry and it might be surprising to many that this cosmetics company has been going for over 100 years now. Canadian born Florence Nightingale Graham came up with some of the earliest cos... 26th April 2010 Are Online Health And Beauty Products Cheaper? With so much trade going to websites these days it pays to take a step back every so often to try and evaluate quite how the market has progressed and changed - sometimes not for the better. The birth of ecommerce trading meant that people started to pres... 13th April 2010 The Increasing Popularity of Ceilidh Bands for Wedding Receptions As anybody who has organised a wedding will know, planning and preparation is key to ensuring a successful day. As important as the actually marriage ceremony, is the evening reception and arranging the best entertainment for your guests, to ensure an enj... 12th April 2010 Who or what is a DJ? This is quite a difficult question to answer because the job covers so many different media these days. It is often associated with the position of radio announcer or a wedding party entertainer. It can also be associated with nightclubs. Either way, all ... 01st April 2010 Mobile, the future ecommerce. The mobile phones we have today are an order of magnitude better in terms of capability compared to previous models. From the size and portability of the current handsets, to the power that these new devices have to run other software, the mobile phone of... 23rd March 2010 How do Online Health and Beauty Retailers get more sales? The international marketplace that the internet has created has not only meant that a huge number of people have all become potential clients, but also that shops trading online have found that it can be increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd.... 22nd March 2010 Using Online Stores to Cater to More Customers Every day more and more companies are making the transition into the online market place. What started as a sales area for niche markets has become standard practice for big businesses to pedal their wares. However with the potential available for online ... 19th March 2010 Should Shoppers buy their health and beauty products online? The internet has revolutionised the way people shop, the convenience that people have with being able to choose a time suited to them to shop for their essentials has reached a point where many people don't even consider going to their local high street f... 23rd February 2010 Getting Into the Fashion Industry The fashion industry is big business and there will always be a wealth of potential designers and models desperately trying to get their foot in the door. In such a major industry it goes without saying that the competition is fierce and many will get lef... 18th February 2010 Can You Trust a Celebrity Perfume? Some time ago the realm of perfume creation was that of the designers and specialists. There were the big names synonymous with perfume along with the other more niche varieties. That was where it ended. However over the last couple of decades two things ... 18th February 2010 Buying Fragrances Online When it comes down to purchasing perfumes and aftershaves, there's a kind of standard format for how it's done. You walk into the store, peruse the various perfume counters and wait for something to catch your eye. You find something, you use a tester to ... 12th February 2010 Are Beauty Products Going Unisex? There was a time when the idea of men wearing makeup was an absurd idea that was restricted to weirdoes and musicians (often also weirdoes). Makeup and cosmetic products were the domain of women and that was that. However, it's a new age and the idea for ... 11th February 2010 How Hair Care is Becoming Increasingly Available to Men For years women have been devoted to keeping their hair looking at its best with a variety of styles. A lot of women consider their hair to be their crowning glory and as such want it to really stand out. So they apply a vast array of products and treatme... 09th February 2010 Karaoke night special Karaoke is a Japanese term for singing, and was introduced into the UK in the mid 80's. Everyone loves to sing even if it is only in the bath or the car on the way to work to your favourite song. Karaoke is a fun way to entertain friends and family at any... 01st February 2010 Could You Really Survive in the Wild? In the last couple of years it's become a popular concept. Going out alone to survive in the wilderness using only your wits and the tools you have with you. It seems that as we get more labour saving devices and our lives become easier, the idea of going... 01st February 2010 The Top Selling Fragrances of 2009 Every year the sale of perfumes makes up a massive part of the yearly sales for some of the high streets biggest retailers. There is a massive range available and the major department stores rely on the success of a variety of fragrances to keep up their ... 25th January 2010 Top Hairstyles for 2010 With every New Year comes an array of new fads and styles. The fashion industry goes full circle every year introducing the new colours, lengths and styles. Not entirely different is the popular hair styles for the year. Just like in fashion, people look ... 21st January 2010 Top Famous Movie Dentists What is it about going to the dentist that strikes fear into the hearts of children and adults alike? There has for longer than anyone now can remember an almost stereotypical belief that dentist are sinister drill wielding maniacs. Well for a few that ma... 19th January 2010 The Ever Changing Curriculum of School Education School reforms are always a hot topic when it comes to government proposals and even PTA meetings. Obviously the majority of parents have their children's education as one of their top priorities as they want the best for their children in and after schoo... 15th January 2010 Getting the Look to Suit the Night For an out and about woman it's important for her to have a variety of styles and looks to suit an every occasion. Having the same style every time can become extremely samey and won't impress anyone for long. That's why it's important to have a few cards... 14th January 2010 Xmas & New Year Parties – Ideas on Unforgettable Celebrations When the festive season is upon us comes the time for many of us to book xmas & new year parties to kick off the season and provide a reason to don those glad rags! From party houses through the winter season to large party venues such as hotel function r... 23rd December 2009 What Does Your Hair Colour Say About You? There have always been stereotypes associated with hair colour. The most obvious of course being that blondes have more fun but aren't smart enough to realize it. Aside from that the most common consensus is that blondes are sexy, redheads are hot headed ... 22nd December 2009 Top Fragrances for the Other Half At this time of year the sale of fragrances are set to skyrocket. Fragrances are a useful little gift, as they can be a timesaver when you're struggling to find that last gift and they are almost always well received. However it's difficult to determine w... 11th December 2009 How much of an Influence Does the Packaging of Fragrances have on the Purchasers Decision? How Fragrance Packaging Plays an Important Part in their Sales The sale of fragrances is an unusual business in how it portrays itself. It's often portrayed in such unusual and artistic ways as a result of its close ties to the fashion world and celeb... 08th December 2009 The Effects of Music on Early Childhood Development For years now there have been publications of research into the merits of music on early childhood and even in the womb development. Many researches on the subject have hypothesised that listening to certain kinds of music and learning instruments can vas... 07th December 2009 Giving children the confidence to Write – A Sentence A Day I remember many things about the first headteacher I worked for, but two pieces of advice she gave me made a lasting impact on my teaching career: firstly, teach the children to be independent and, secondly, give them opportunities to write every day. The... 07th December 2009 Are the alternatives to professional hair care worth your time? When it comes to caring for your hair there is no shortfall in available options. With an affluence of possibilities ranging from high street brands to professional and designer hair care the major issue is where to turn. However, much like the days of mo... 04th December 2009 What is a Conference Microphone and How Does it Differ From Other Mics? Conference Microphones, Microphone Discussion, or Push to Talks. These are all names given to the type of microphone that is used as part of a bigger system of microphones where the use of a conventional microphone is impractical. What makes a co... 30th November 2009 How to avoid fake perfumes in an online world The worry of buying fake products online is a concern that every consumer holds, the threat of having product that are substandard delivered is a constant and powerful problem. This article will look at some of these worries and ask if there are any ways ... 23rd November 2009 Discover Whether Fragrances Need to be Defined as Masculine or Feminine Traditionally fragrances have been defined by both the olfactive groups that they fit into as well as whether the fragrance is masculine or feminine. Is there really a definite line to be drawn between masculine and feminine fragrances though? The major... 13th November 2009 How to Make Your Child’s Birthday Party the Best Yet Have you ever noticed that children like to party just as much as adults? So next time you have a child's birthday coming up, how are you going to celebrate it? A family party? Well that would be fine but I expect the kids find that a little bit dull i... 02nd November 2009 Cosmetics, a historic phenomenon Cosmetics are roughly defined as substances that enhance or promote the appearance of the human body and have been around for many thousands of years. This article will look at cosmetics over the years, their different types, and their attraction to past ... 21st October 2009 Modern Culture and the Celebrity Fragrance Modern culture is obsessed with celebrity, almost no element of the media is impervious from the intoxicating pull of using celebrity to help sales. In short, if a newspaper or magazine puts a well known celebrity on their front cover it helps shift units... 19th October 2009 Discover the History behind Celebrity Perfumes Many people feel that the current proliferation of celebrity endorsed perfumes lining the shelves of our perfumeries are somewhat of a recent phenomenon. The 2002 Coty scent ‘Glow' by Jennifer "J-Lo" Lopez is often credited with kick-starting the trend... 09th October 2009 Discover the Difference between Modern Digital Cameras Digital cameras fall into several categories based on functionality and quality, here are few common terms: DIGITAL COMPACT Also referred to as ‘point and shoot', these cameras are the least expensive and are under £100. They can come with more f... 08th October 2009 Discover Why a School Disco Isn’t a Disco Without a Good DJ Schools in the United States have been holding "proms" at the end of the academic year since the 1800s and references started appearing in year-books from the 1930s. This long established tradition is now gaining popularity in the UK but from party to pr... 05th October 2009 How To Choose The Perfect Perfume For Autumn As the nights quickly draw in and the weather dramatically cools down its time for you to put away the bright and fresh summer fragrances and look for something a little richer that matches the slightly heavier yet homely mood that most people associate w... 28th September 2009 Discover why and how to decant perfume Amongst the perfumistas decanting from the large 50ml or 100ml bottles that perfumes tend to be purchased in is a fairly common occurrence. But why would anyone want to decant perfumes, and if they do how would they go about doing it? There are a va... 28th September 2009 Discover The Best Ways To Apply Perfume Applying perfume is one of those things that seems to be so straightforward; but is your technique really working as well for you as it could be? There are a few common methods, you can spray some on your wrists, dab it behind your ears or possibly spray... 28th September 2009 Hotel venues shouldn’t buy AV equipment! As an audio visual supplier we often get asked by hotel venues what equipment to buy; my answer is none! In this article I discuss the pitfalls and propose an alternative solution. It's blue sky thinking: a multimedia audio visual system that is futur... 31st July 2009 Educate and Entertain Your Children This Summer with Kids Flash Games The development of Adobe Flash (previously Macromedia Flash) has really helped in developing the children's online games genre. Whereas older children and adults are constantly demanding better graphics and more immersive gameplay, the bright and simplist... 27th July 2009 Schools out for Summer! How to Beat boredom with kids PC games The summer holidays present parents with an annual problem - how to keep children entertained without spending a small fortune, particularly when it's raining outside. Internet games for kids are a great and innovative option and with fantastic new tec... 27th July 2009 Learn how Online Adventure Games for Kids Can Entertain and Educate One of the most favorite words in every child's vocabulary is adventure. And with summer just around the corner, kids are on the lookout for new and exciting things to fill the long and hot summer days. If you've run out of places to visit and are loo... 27th June 2009